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The Lyme Disease Association of Australia is a small yet powerful registered charity and Australia’s peak patient body. We are committed to achieving universal recognition and equitable treatment for Australian Lyme and associated disease patients.

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Every dollar is a precious gift! Your contribution will assist us to advance Lyme awareness and advocacy. It will support and possibly save the lives of very sick Australians. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Natalie's Story: 110 ticks in one day

During her years in the service of New South Wales National Parks, Natalie Young was often bitten by ticks. For years, this was no big deal. She lived a healthy lifestyle, surfing regularly on top of her active, outdoor, dream job as Field Officer Discovery Park Ranger. She had renovated a couple of houses, was happily married and looking forward to the future, including starting a family...

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Lyme-Ed: A course for practitioners

Scholarships (free access to the full course) are available for Lyme-Ed for Practitioners until 30 November 2021, for registered naturopaths and GPs. There is an overwhelming need for Lyme-literate practitioners in Australia, both medical and complementary. In response to this, LDAA has partnered with Dr Nicola Ducharme to make her online Lyme disease training, Lyme-Ed available to practitioners

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Book Review: The Deep Places

On the day his wife announced she was pregnant with their third child, Ross Douthat found a swelling on his neck, six inches down from his left ear. Ross and Abby were in the prime of their lives, a happy couple with established careers and a couple of kids. And to put icing on their cake they had just purchased their forever home. They had grown tired of the hustle of Washington DC and would be moving to Connecticut,

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Do I have Lyme? Symptom Checklist

Lyme disease manifests as a multi-systemic illness that can result in symptoms affecting random parts of the body including the muscles, joints, organs, brain, gastro-intestinal and neurological systems. Lyme disease is generally categorised into acute (early) and chronic (late) stages of disease, each with varying symptoms.

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