Introduction and treatment guidelines

Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis, based on patient’s history, symptoms & current presentation. Blood tests are used to support a Lyme disease diagnosis; however blood tests are not very reliable and should not be the defining mechanism to rule a diagnosis of Lyme disease in or out. Physicians should use one of four treatment guidelines guide them in their diagnosis:

Testing for Lyme disease

Globally, laboratory diagnostic tests are recommended by the medical community if there are symptoms or clinical findings consistent with Lyme disease. However the type of tests used to determine whether a positive exposure to Lyme borreliosis has occurred is controversial. To determine if a causative agent is present for infection, laboratory scientists use either ‘direct detection’ where they isolate the actual organism or its DNA, or ‘serology’ – where they study antibodies contained in blood.

Direct detection methods

According to strict scientific criteria, the direct detection of an infectious organism (Borrelia) or DNA by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or culture is the only definitive proof of a Borrelia infection. Direct detection relies on the significant expertise of the interpreting analyst.


A blood test to determine whether antibodies to Borrelia infection are present in a patient’s blood is the most common form applied in the diagnosis of Lyme disease. However there are limitations to this test process as Borrelia causes immune dis-regulation which decreases the specificity of antibodies. Often there is minimal, or no, measurable response (production of anti-bodies) by the immune system to a Borrelia infection. As such antibodies cannot be detected by ELISA tests. Therefore many patients test negative using this method and are not formally diagnosed with Lyme disease as a result.

Generally, antibody testing follows a stepwise diagnostic process whereby a patient must test positive on an Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in order to proceed to a more sensitive ‘confirmatory’ immunoblot that looks for antigens – a Western Blot.

Currently, the most reliable laboratory test for Lyme disease is a Western Blot. However, Western Blot testing is difficult to interpret. There are nine known [Lyme] Borrelia burgdorferi species specific Western Blot antibodies (bands): 18, 23, 31, 34, 37, 39, 83 and 93.

Australian Laboratories

The range of specialty Lyme disease and associated co-infection testing services available from Australian Biologics are included on their website.

Patients requesting Lyme disease testing through Australian Biologics are encouraged to complete a short questionnaire about their travel history and medical symptoms to help build an evidence base of epidemiological data.

The LDAA encourages patients to contact Australian Biologics directly to discuss testing services and how to obtain a testing referral.

Overseas Pathology Laboratories

Laboratories specializing in testing for Lyme disease and associated co-infections overseas are:

IGeneX Laboratory in California, USA.

For information about how to ship your blood to the USA you can download a copy of our:

IGeneX Information Sheet
IGeneX Blood Specimen Collection Kit Instructions
IGeneX Urine Specimen Collection Kit Instructions
Test Requisition Form with Pricing for Australian Customers (Prices are in USD)
FedEx Commercial Invoice Template

An IGeneX test kit can be ordered by contacting the LDAA. Under “What can we help you with?” – select “I’d like to request an IGeneX test kit (Australian residents only)”.


ArminLabs Laboratory in Augsburg, Germany.

We are excited to announce that ArminLabs have offered a special discount to Australians who are members of the Lyme Disease Association of Australia. To become a member (it’s free) and order your ArminLabs kit, simply:

  1. Complete the LDAA Membership Application Form
  2. Order an ArminLabs test kit. Under “What can we help you with?” – select “I’d like to request an ArminLabs test kit (Australian residents only)”.

Test Requisition Form with Pricing for Australian Customers (Prices are in Euros)

DHL Shipping Method
ArminLabs Shipping Instructions
ArminLabs Proforma Invoice
ArminLabs Confirmation Letter TDI

UPS Shipping Method
ArminLabs Shipping Instructions
ArminLabs Proforma Invoice


BCA-Lab in Germany (formerly known as Infectolab)
For information on how to slip your blood to be tested by BCA-Lab in Germany, please email info@bca-lab.de

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162 thoughts on “Diagnosis

  1. D Morrison

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am interested in getting a test for Lyme Disease as I belive I was bitten by a tick around a year ago and my health is beginning to suffer. I have read through the symtoms and I have high number of of them and I would like to test for this disease.
    Can you please email me details and fees for testing?
    Thank you for your time.
    Kind regards
    Mrs D Morrison
    (39 year old woman, non smoker/drinker, not overweight and healthy diet.)

  2. Nicole Underwood

    I would greatly appreciate further information on how to arrange for the pathology testing and international transport.
    I had a tick lodged in my scalp for two weeks as a child and I’ve suffered health wise since.

    1. Simone Howard

      I too had a tick in my scalp at the age of 5. I am now 40 and have been ill with all the relevant symptoms since.
      Several times a day i still scratch where the tick was as it constantly gets itchy and i can feel quite a large indent in my scalp still.
      The tick was removed by a GP, however i have always wondered if part of the tick remains.
      What should I do?? Please help??

  3. Adrienne Penny

    Hello, I too would like details of testing and fees and if you have it names of Practitioners who have experience in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease in or around the Sunshine Coast area of SE Queensland would be very helpful. This is on behalf of my 21 year old daughter.
    Regards Adrienne

  4. Michael Chamberlain

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am interested in getting a test for Lyme Disease as I was bitten by a tick 6 months ago. My health has declined, and I have a high number of listed symptoms. I would like to test for this disease.
    Can you please email me details and fees for testing?
    I also would greatly appreciate further information on how to arrange for the pathology testing and international transport.
    I live in Canberra, do you know of any practitioners there?

    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards

  5. shay

    just wondering if anyone has reported visual disturbance (ranging from periods of complete blindness to general poor focus) and/or small vascular brain lesions as a result of Lyme? Dr’s have been unable to find any cause and the closest they can relate it too is MS but tests show it is not that 🙁
    would love to get the testing done overseas but it is out of my price range.
    many thanks

  6. Sharni

    Hi there,
    I am interested in some information regarding Lymes testing for diagnosis in Australia.

  7. Natalie Coulson

    Twenty years of unexplained illness including years of absolute debilitation. I am managing ok at the moment but have a list of more symptoms than CFS/fibromyalgia can explain. I watched a report on a 6.30 program this week and cringed to see footage of a young girl’s walk so much like mine in tough times, another with hearing and light sensitivity I recall too well … I would really appreciate information on diagnosis, testing whether with any Lyme aware doctors or engaging my hopefully open to the idea GP.

    (I might attend the Perth rally on Saturday if I am mobile by noon.)

    1. Sharon Whiteman

      Hello Natalie,
      Thanks for touching base and sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell. Please do go connect with the Lyme community at the Perth protest event.
      In regards to diagnosis and testing, please read the site and the doctors kit, or alternatively, email us at info@lymedisease.org.au
      Thank you!

  8. Kirsten

    Hi, I’m after further information surrounding the diagnoses of Lymes disease. I have been feeling unwell and drs have been unable to identify my problem. I have similar symptoms to those listed for Lymes disease. Any information would be great.


  9. Robyn

    Dear Sharon,

    I am writing on behalf of my mother who has been suffering from “lyme” like symptoms for the past 8 years after being bitten by “something” on her foot. Her health has continued to deteriorate and she has now been placed on prednisilone and plaquenil, which I believe may be compromising her recovery. Can you please send me the details on how to obtain a testing kit and the costs involved. Also, I would appreciate the name of any doctors specialising in Lyme disease in Adelaide, South Australia.
    Kind regards

  10. Sean Balhatchet

    I and my GP are looking into Lyme D testing, would it please be possible to be forwarded more information regarding testing, costs, collection and further information.


  11. Gail Petherick

    Dear Sharon
    I have sent a test for Lyme to Germany and Australia Biologics and am waiting results. I have had many symptoms of Borrelia etc and was in N W Nile and NSW and Qld coast briefly but no recollection of a bite except one on the cheek that was infected in 1984. I have had many of the symptoms over a long period but they worsened after glandular fever and went to CFS. The worst was 3 yrs of extreme fatigue where I was too weak a lot of the time to talk, cook or do housework. I now have on and off memory disturbance, some dizziness on and off and recently some blurred vision. is there a doctor in Melbourne that specialises in Lyme as I am visiting there to see an immunologist soon.

  12. Claire Randall

    I have been “officially” diagnosed with Fibro and CFS – experiencing almost all the symptoms that, of course, overlap almost completely with Lyme symptoms – and I first got sick when living in Qld (now in SA) I am seeing a Lyme educated Dr and need to order a testing kit for the USA please – how do I apply please? Thanks Claire

  13. Jessica

    Hi, I am interested in finding out more about the testing, as in the cost etc of sending away for results. Also if you know of any doctors in QLD Brisbane region who have more specialised knowledge of the disease.
    Thanks, Jessica

  14. Steven Daker

    Hi, just like the above people, I was bitten by a tick (about 9 years ago), and have had many of the symptoms of Lyme disease since, including meningitis, fatigue, stiff painful back and neck, sore muscles and joints, headaches, memory loss, sleep disturbances, etc. I would like more information on all the costs of getting tested, results, etc. I would also like any information you may have for any doctors with specialised knowledge of Lyme Disease in QLD (Gold Coast area preferably, but Brisbane if necessary). Thank you in advance.


  15. jodie

    Hi. I have just discovered that my 11 year old daughter has had a tick on her for 4 or so days. I am petrified that this may lead to Lyme disease for her. I have kept the tick. Is there anything i can do to find out whether this tick will infect her. Is early detection before symptoms possible? Please help. Regards jodie

  16. Melissa Guy

    Hi. Lately I have been quite ill and recently remembered that I was bitten by a tick some years ago whilst camping in Perth. Could you please forward me information on Lymes disease and how would I go about getting tested in Perth.

    1. Judith Tournay

      I would like to get in touch with Melissa Guy from Perth to see who she was in touch with regarding a blood test for Lyme disease.


      1. Sharon Whiteman

        Hello Judith – I’ve emailed you about blood testing… Unfortunately, we don’t have contact details for Melissa.

  17. carly

    Hello, could tick bites from 20+ years prior cause symptoms now? Have had ongoing syptoms for many years but could a bout of influenza or similar cause the disease to then become worse, as I have not been the same since this bout of flu 2 years ago? Interested in possibly pursuing the testing o/s. thanks

  18. Shirl

    Hi, I’ve been suffering now for about eight years to what I think is lymes. Is there any Lyme Dr’s in Adelaide?

      1. Sam

        I would like to be tested. I will visit sydney in 2 weeks time. Can you please let me know if there is a doctor in Sydney that could take the tests for me and either send to Germany or The US? I’ve been bitten by tics in Australia, but also potentially in the US.


  19. Sandy Wainwright

    Hi, I have been suffering for 2 1/2 years with random symptoms that aren’t getting better but are getting worse, test after test has so far only revealed a lot of food allergies, it is getting so bad I can’t look after my children. I had a tick on me approx 8 or so years ago after my son spent a weekend at a friends house out in the bush. I would appreciate any info you could send me on Lyme disease and how I can get tested/treated. Thankyou.
    Regards Sandy.

  20. Annette

    Hi Sharon,

    Could you please send me so me information on how to get tested for Lyme disease and also any Drs who specialise in this area (we live in Victoria). Thanks for your help.


  21. Anita

    Hi Sharon,

    I was wondering if u can provide me also with the details and costs on how to get tested for Lyme disease. I am located in Sydney.
    I have been experiencing symptoms for almost two years now And my GP insists that because I didn’t get the classic rash I don’t have lyme.


  22. Anita

    Hi Sharon,

    I too, have been experiencing symptoms of lyme for almost two years. My Gp does not feel we should test for lyme as I didn’t get the classic rash and insists its auto immune related. Could u please forward me details on how to get tested and any doctors in Sydney who deal with lyme.

    Many thanks

  23. Jacqueline Chay

    I have been suffering with some of the symptoms of Lymes, have not had the joint pains but most of the other symptoms. I was bitten by a tick actually two ticks aproximately 8 months ago and have had the symptoms just after this. The tick bite reacted very badly and was swollen and weeping for over a week. both sites. It was very red and inflamed one was on my back kidney area and the other on my neck because they were so inflamed and red around the area I could not tell if they had the classic ring but probably yes. The worse symptom I have is very foggy head and can not concentrate or focus and am dizzy, some days are better than others especially if I can relax ie do nothing 🙁
    I have been told I have autoimmune but I have not had these symptoms pre tick bite – I need to test for this disease. Can you please send me any information that I need to take to my Dr for testing and costs. If the Dr. will not listen I need to do this check on my own. Im at my wits end.
    Add: I live on the Central Coast of NSW and Im sure I read that this was a Lyme area?
    Thanking you

  24. Catherine

    Hi, I’m from Perth. Could you please send me any information on getting tested for Lyme disease? For a little while now I’ve had sensitivity problems with my eyesight, crawling sensation on my skin above my eyebrows & short memory loss. When researching these things on the Internet, some of the symptoms pointed to lymes disease.
    I can’t recall ever being bitten by anything, however my symptoms seem similar & I’d be interested into looking to get tested for peace of mind. Many thanks.

  25. Chantelle

    Hi there iv got almost every symptom for lymes disease…the past 8 months I haven’t walked at all!! I really think this could be my answer!! I would love to no how to get tested…iv been looking on line but can’t find much at all!! Also I live in brisbane is there anything here about lymes? Thanks u

  26. steve

    hi could you tell me of a doctor that will test for this and what it would cost as I have nearly all symptoms described I have been bitten by several ticks over my time as I work on drill rigs in all areas of Australia but I never remember getting the bulls eye rash I live in Narromine NSW 2821

  27. Andrea Reeh

    Hello, I would like details of testing and fees and if you have it names of Practitioners who have experience in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease in or around the Sunshine Coast area of SE Queensland would be very helpful. I have most as the symtoms mentioned and I suffer immensly. Please help
    Regards Andrea

  28. Nadine

    Hi, I’m contacting you on behalf of my sister who has been recommended to have lymes disease testing by her homeopath. I’m curious myself as I had a rash the same as the Lyme rash featured all over my feet as a chil until my mid teens. My immune system has always been weak, and of past 2 years I have had severe endometriosis and finally a complete hysterectomy 2 mths ago. My sister is aware testing needs to be done via US, but if you have the kits in Australia that could be ordered to send off for her that would be great. Thank you

  29. Helen Cornes

    l live in Victoria and am interested in obtaining testing for Lyme Disease due to ongoing health issues. Could you send me any details of how to have the tests done to and any information on informed Dr’s that might be in the Geelong area.

  30. Stuart Brand

    Hi, I was infected with Lyme in 1984 in California. It was 2 years before it was diagnosed correctly with a positive test (in USA). I have been very unwell now for 28+ years. I recently was retested in Australia and received a negative result. My question is:
    I still have very little energy – sleep 10 or more hours a day just to get by and still fall asleep during the day. Could the test results be wrong OR is it likely that something else is causing the symptoms that I have had for 28 years without significant changes?

  31. Meagan Wilson

    Hello, my daughter was bitten today by a tick. i removed it fully and it is alive in a baggy with some wet tissue- where can i get it tested for the disease? Thanks Meagan Wilson.

  32. Vicky Merkel

    Hello, I am a 63 year old women, and I would like to know if there are any medical practitioners on the Sunshine Coast Queensland who deal with suspected Lyme disease patients and where I can get tests done – the doctors I have been to here will not recognise it as it does not exist in Australia apparently (We have been to North America, Hawaii, Hong Kong and New Zealand many years ago). I had flu like symptoms 8 years ago and have not been well ever since, and have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was a fit, healthy person before this. I have had quite a few tick bites over the years.

  33. Julie

    Hi I live in Perth Western Australia, how do I go about ordering a kit to get tested?
    Thank you.

  34. Jacob

    I live on the Gold Coast and would like to be tested for Lyme Disease. How would I go about doing this?

  35. Lisa Hamersley

    I live in Perth,Western Australia and was wondering if you could provide info on doctors in my area that specialise in diagnosing Lyme and also info on how to get tested. I have been bitten by a tick and have been unwell with weird neurological symptons for over 18 months now and not getting any answers.
    Thank you

  36. Emily

    can you please tell me where I can get testing for Lyme disease? I live on the south east side of brisbane.

  37. Ari

    Friend of mine who is overseas has been diagnosed with borrelia. He’s heard there are some natural / herbal ways of healing or helping to fight the disease, could you provide me with some details or if it is a legit information??

    Thank you

      1. Emma

        Hi, We have just returned from camping on the South Coast & I found a tick at the back of my 3 year old daughters head today. I thought that I removed it successfully but after looking at it again tonight I may have just broken it as there is a scabby lump there still. I am after some help as to what I should do – I am very scared of what it could develop into – should I take her to the doctor? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

  38. Ella Giuffrida

    Hi, I had a tick on my head 5 years ago and my partner cut it out. It did not hurt and I thought nothing of it. Last year in August I went downhill and in December I hit a wall. I had pressure in the head, just wanted to sleep all the time, pain throughout my body and this year I still have pressure in my head, nauseous and just not quite right. I have had CT scans of my head and sinuses and they are fine as Doctors thought it could be chronic sinusitus and chronic fatigue but apparently I have had a touch of Glandular Fever(whatever a touch means?). I have been put on ENDEP 10 and have been taking it the last 9 nights, just 1 tablet before bed every night. Can I have Lyme Disease and how do I get tested? Thanks heaps Ella

  39. LearnI

    Can someone please send me information for Gold Coast doctor who can diagnose Lymes. I had it severely as a child and feel the past couple Of months going down hill. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you


  40. Learni

    Hi, can someone please advise where and who is a specialized doctor in this disease. I had it 20 years ago and I am scared I might have it again? Your fast reply is greatly appreciated. I live on the Gold Coast. Thank you

  41. Larni


    I’ve had plenty of ticks over my life. However, last time I went camping I developed a big red rash from a bite that my husband described to me as a target rash and ever since I have been feeling sicker and sicker. With dizzy spells headaches and upset tummy. I would really appreciatte any Informtion or a doctor in the area who specializes in this? I live in Canberra, ACT.

  42. Leigh C

    Hi, My little boy of 7 had a tick buried in his head for 2/3 days, Dr removed it and stitched him up but a week on he has swollen lymph nodes, a constant headache and is very tearful (all very out of character). Dr has prescribed him an antibiotic but I would be grateful for any suggestions of what else to do. No one has mentioned the possibility of Lymes but I am extremely concerned and want to be proactive in catching it early if he does have it. Any help gratefully received.

  43. Mitch

    Could you please sending testing info and costs please. I’m located in south east qld.
    Have some similar symptoms which have been told is Anxiety but I kind of don’t believe it.

  44. Bec

    My father in law has just been diagnosed with Lyme disease last week, and he is currently seeing a doctor on the Sunshine Coast. But my partner and I live in perth and we want him to relocate here so I can take care of him, so my question is, is there any doctors in or around perth that specialise in Lyme disease? We need do to something quick due to he is about to start treatment and he currently is on his own!

    Thanks in advance!! = )

  45. josh b

    hi there have had most symptoms for last 7mths any contacts in melbourne would be greatly appreciated as have lost confidence in local gp’s cheers josh

  46. Stace

    Is there testing available in SA? I am not aware I have ever been bitten by a tick? But I have unexplained health symptoms my entire life that have gone down hill drastically in the last year.. my doctors are at their wits end,.. I am sure they think I am crazy, every blood test I have comes back with nothing, every specialist I see says nothing more they can do for me, I have been on other online forums discussing my symptoms and someone pointed out Lyme disease to which I said it’s not in Australia how could I have it? I had no idea it was.. I could write a few pages of all the symptoms I am suffering and have done in the previous years so I wont put it all here, reading the symptoms though does seem to point in that direction. Is there anyone in SA I can see to clarify?

    1. Tina

      My 9 yo daughter has just had a tic removed – it is slightly red around the bite. But she has come down with a very sore throat and cold symptoms the next day. Would like to know what I should be looking for. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

  47. Dave


    I would like info on where in QLD/ Aus I can have this test conducted?
    I am suffering from a list of symptoms and had many other tests to no avail.


  48. Kris

    Thanks for a very informative website. I am trying to find out more regarding other insects which may be able to carry the borrelia bacteria. As in, insects which are not ticks. Do you know where I could find this information? Even if it is just anecdotal. Thank you.

  49. Linda

    Hi, I’ve contacted you before but went on and had testing for some other problems, but still havent got any results as to what is wrong with me. I had a tick bit approx 15 years ago than got meningitus. Since then I’ve suffered from a lot of things, a problem with eating , then painful achiles tendonitis, and now tendinitus in shoulders elbows and hips as well as tingling numb feet, and not able to walk for long before Im in too much pain, and constant fatigue. Every time I have mentioned to the doctors I’ve seen about the tick bite I almost feel like I’m being laughed at. This week i got for yet another MRI scan, to see if it’s Multiple Sclerosis. If I dont get any results I will get tested for Lyme. Can you please send me the relevant information again as I’ve lost it, its been a while, thanks, Linda

  50. Chanel

    I live on the far South Coast, and was bitten by a tick two weeks ago this Sunday. I have experienced in the last week severe headaches, fever, increased heart rate, dizziness, neck stiffness, loss of appetite, and a nasty scab where I was bitten. The Dr’s I have seen have been less than helpful and unable to diagnose anything. As the bite happened only 2 weeks ago, I would like the details of a Dr that could help and give me antibiotics to prevent long term effects… Thanks in advance.

  51. Cheryl Williams

    Hi, have just received blood & urine report from Australian Biologics(Sydney) showing positives for Borrelia(no particular strain indicated). I live in country WA, have had numerous self funded trips to Perth to see Dr. who is Lyme literate. I have not been able to work for two years now, am seriously frustrated with the health system, bar an intelligent few, and live on my own, every day is a struggle. As of yesterday Centrelink has seen fit to assess me as capable of looking for fulltime work….haha. My questions are; What types of Borrelia are in Australia, do they affect the nervous system ie; balance co-ordination etc (MRI shows lesions in the cerebellum area of my brain- neurologist cannot explain, so I remain “under review”), is this damage/interference to my nervous system reversible, & how do I negotiate with Centrelink if the Australian health dept do not acknowledge Lyme, mere air will not suffice! My Dr. has suggested that it may take up to or more than 2.5 years of ‘heavy’ medications to shake this awful disease. Please help.
    Kind regards Cheryl

  52. Gigi

    Could you please send me some information on testing for Lyme disease and other multiple co infections along with other tick born illnesses. I am very overwhelmed and confused. I have tested positive for Ricketsia and my naturopath believes I could have lyme disease. I have been seriously unwell for 18 months and I was diagnosed at the beginning of the year with CFS and fibromyalgia.

    I live in Melbourne, could you also please recommend a lyme literate doctor in Melbourne, My GP and I are unable to find one.
    Thank you so much for all your help and the comprehensive website.

  53. Maggie Stanley

    I’ve been unwell for 2 years. Seen 15 doctors and not getting any better. Mostly bed bound. Last week my naturopath tests came back positive for Ross River Virus, Cytomegalovirus and Ebstein Barr.
    Can u please tell me of any doctors in Perth, Western Australia with an interest in Lyme Disease. Also please send me a kit and information on getting tested.
    Thank you.

  54. Brooke

    Hi, I’m after further information surrounding the diagnoses of Lymes disease. I have been feeling unwell for the last 12months and drs have been unable to identify my illness. I have similar symptoms to those listed for Lymes disease. Any information would be great.


  55. Amanda Gill

    Hi, I am writing on behalf of my uncle who has been unwell for many years and is slowly getting worse. He has been to so many doctors and tested for many things including Multiple Sclerosis but has received no diagnosis for his so called ‘muscle wasting disease’. He has many symptoms of Lyme disease including severe sweating, muscle aches, joint aches, arthritis, unusual gait, shakes. He has all but given up with doctors, so any information or advice on where to get help for him would be appreciated. Thank you.

  56. Colleen Callahan

    In March 2012 while on a camping holiday in a National Park in Vic. I was bitten by a tick and not long after had flu like symptoms and feeling quite unwell with an all over body rash. Since then I haven’t recovered. I have been on a merry-go-round of Doctors, Specialists, countless blood tests, MRI’s and x-rays and a host of other tests and they are still ongoing. It has been suggested to me by someone that I may have Lymes Disease and since doing my own investigation I think that is what I have. This web site lists a lot of my symptoms. Can you suggest to me what move I can make next to confirm this. I live on the NSW south coast. I would be grateful for any information as I find somedays to be quite challenging.

    Kind Regard
    Colleen Callahan

  57. mariette

    Hi, we live in Mount Evelyn, victoria. Who is our closest Lyme specialists and what are the costs involved in Lyme testing? Kind regards, Mariette

  58. Lynda

    I think i was bitten by a tick over 6 moths ago and have been unwell since, it was on the back of my shoulder and was itchy and irritated off and on for months, but i never really looked at it as i couldn’t see it, so I’m unsure if i had a rash but i do have most of the listed symptoms, i live in Sydney, where can i get tested and what’s the treatment for lyme Disease? Kind Regards, Lynda

  59. Wendy Phillips

    I know I have Lyme disease.. I really need help.. please tell me where in Melbourne I can go to be tested so that I can be treated.
    thank you so much

  60. Jenny Walters

    I had a retinal bleed from a tick bite two years ago..I was bitten again 3 weeks ago,I have neuralgia with piercing pain very few hours in the same eye..what should I do please.

    1. Jenny Walters

      I hAd a retinal bleed two years ago after a bite from a tick,I have had shocking pain behind the same eye after a tick bite,it was three weeks ago and I did not connect it until I read about Lymes disease on your site.i get very sore muscles on waking of a morning..is there a dimple test?thanks

      1. Sharon Whiteman

        Hi Jenny I emailed a reply to you yesterday and it has come back to us. I have tried again today so if you do not receive a response from us today can I ask if you could please email us your inquiry directly to info@lymedisease.org.au
        Regards Michelle Kelly.

  61. Rebecca Varian

    My 22 year old son had Lymes disease at 11 in Dundee, Scotland. He was given a cursory dose of antibiotics and pronounced cured! His health has never really recovered, he has gone on to develop a range of mental health issues, coeliac disease, he has a range of really serious to less serious bone and joint issues. He has been terribly unhappy and led a very stilted unfulfilled life.
    We believed that all of these symptoms were either in his head or results of substance abuse.

    Is there any help in Perth Western Australia we can access in order to try and save some quality of life and get a confirmed diagnosis? He has just gone to get a test from the local GP in Perth last week?
    Thank you

  62. Brendan

    I am in Australia and noticed before getting chronic fatigue that i had a red bulls-eye mark on my leg that turned into a bruise, so i was hoping you could tell me which is the best place to get tested for lymes disease, sadly my local GP said the Australian government tells doctors not to test for it.

  63. Leanda Wall

    I have been bitten by mosquitoes and ticks over the years. I had encephylitis approx 3 years ago, no have rheumatoid arthritis and fibro. My body/joints/muscles are constantly in pain and I have nerve problems in my legs. I desperately would like to be tested for Lymes disease but am afraid of the cost associated with it as ai believe it costs thousands dollars?? I would appreciate a cost involved and whete I can get tested. I live in Northern NSW. Thank you

  64. caz smith

    I was bitten 20 years ago on my chest in NSW while camping! I have suffered from most of the symptoms over the years.After having 2 children, my health has worsened and most recently have been diagnosed with fybromyalgia. I too suffer depression but not sure if its more the pain my body is suffering etc. My doctor has prescribed me with a new drug hut am experiencing a few side effects so im not sure if I was better off just suffering my muscular and joint pain!I live in Victoria and am really interested in obtaining testing for Lyme Disease. Could you please send me details of how to have the tests done and any information on practitioners that might be in the mornington peninsula, Victoria?
    Kind regards,

  65. Andrea

    Hi, I live in Perth and have symptoms, too many to list over many years, like a constant dose of the flu. Every day is a battle! Wasted so much money looking for answers! Wondering where to start looking for help? I have made inquiries in the past with a surgery that specialises in Lyme, however it seams like the waiting list is very long & you have to write to them and put your case forward before they will take you on. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  66. Steve Thompson


    I’ve been unwell for at least 30 years without finding the cause. I have a couple of defective methylation genes/enzymes and pyrroluria; both have been treated with no benefit.

    I don’t recall ever being bitten by a tick, but could you please email information about Lyme doctors and tests available in NW Sydney.

    Thanks, Steve.

  67. Jacinta Otto

    I have been bitten many times by paralysis ticks and the last was extremely painful and had been there awhile, I have since had my fibromyalgia symptoms and other worsen… am wondering if there a doctor in my area Crows Nest, Qld (Toowoomba is closest biggest town) I would not be able to afford the blood tests, would they be able to help me anyway just by symptoms? Thanks.

  68. Julie

    Hi Michelle, thankyou for this website. I have suffered with so many symptoms for decades…

    Would you be able to give me the details of any doctors close to the Lilydale Vic area please? Many thanks

  69. Lani Sheil

    My three year old daughter had a small tick burrowed in her eyelid for about three days before we realised. Should I be concerned and have her tested?
    Regards, Lani.

  70. Kiefa

    My partner and I are concerned about him possibly having Lymes, He is suffering from a lot of the symptoms listed on your website. We are currently backpacking through south east asia and then on to uk/europe, so far we have been to malaysia, bali and thailand. He thinks he may have had a tick in bali. We have had to trips to the hospital and they have found nothing (we didn’t mention limes as we didn’t know about it then). How would we go about testing or finding out more information? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you Kiefa

  71. Tiffany

    I was in the America at the end of last year when I was bitten by a tick. I appear to have many symptoms as listed on the website. Could you please provide me with information where I can get tested and the fee’s involved. I am located in Sydney.
    Kind regards, Tiffany