Meet the Board

In late 2017, the LDAA evolved from our original status as a grassroots registered charity to a mature organisation with a framework that reflects our long term vision. Our first Board was established in November 2017; we are proud to introduce you to the members below:


Sharon Whiteman, President & CEO

Sharon has worked in the field of health and wellness for almost 40 years. She was a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Critical Care for almost 20 years, and has run a business focussing on nutrition for over 20  years.

Sharon has been involved with  the LDAA since its inception in 2009 and fulfilled the roles of president and CEO.

She has 25 years experience leading teams of volunteers from all walks of life, who have appreciated her calm manner, commitment to staff development and engaging style. Despite being a recovering patient herself, Sharon has been a tireless campaigner of justice for patients of Lyme disease and Lyme-like illness. She’s an endless source of inspiration for her team.




Maree Kratzer, Vice President

Maree is a recovering Lyme patient.  She has a BA English major, was recognised on the Dean’s Honour List multiple times and is a qualified naturopath with a passion for science.  During the 20 years Maree worked in health and wellness, she trained naturopathic students in the Student Clinic at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, ran her private practice and worked in Allied Health at St Vincent’s and Epworth Freemasons hospitals.

Voluntary community work has always been a part of Maree’s life, supporting her children’s schools and church community while her children were young. Becoming part of the community of Lyme and mould affected patients 7 years ago, Maree was inspired by the LDAA’s advocacy work. She has contributed to the LDAA since 2017.




Ann-Maree van Dalen, Secretary

Ann-Maree has worked in education for 27 years, primarily in her favoured area of special education. She has worked internationally as a teacher, teacher-in-charge of a Special Education Developmental Unit and an Assistant Director of an ABC Learning Centre.  A dedicated and active member of the community, Ann-Maree is also a kinship carer as part of Foster Care Queensland and has been a secretary and member of her children’s kindergarten committees.

Ann-Maree attributes the diagnosis and successful treatment of her daughter’s Lyme-like illness to the LDAA’s guidance. As a result, she has volunteered with us since 2014.

As a mother and special education teacher, Ann-Maree is committed to communication, organisation and teamwork; exactly what we need in a secretary.




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