LDAA Ambassador – Andi Snelling

Andi Snelling is a multiple award-winning actor, writer and theatre-maker. She trained at the prestigious Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London, with Dame Judi Dench as its president.

After living in Berlin and London for seven years, Andi returned to her home town of Melbourne where she has continued building a name for herself as an artist. Her career highlights include working for the BBC, performing on the West End, being the voice of Qatar Airways, and a recurring role on Australian soap Neighbours. She has been described as “the standout” (Herald Sun), “sublimely talented” (Sydney Morning Herald) and “so skilled that you’re left wanting more” (Daily Review).

Her 2019 solo theatre show Happy-Go-Wrong draws from her experience of navigating Lyme disease and has garnered rave reviews, standing ovations and won several awards. Andi was honoured to present on this work and her life as a performer living with Lyme disease at Meeting Place 2019 in Canberra – Australia’s annual forum for arts, culture and disability. Having Lyme has given her a superhuman appreciation of being alive, something which is now deeply imbued in her art.

Andi was diagnosed with Lyme & co-infections in 2017 after many years of complex health issues, triggered by a tick bite with subsequent bullseye rash, which no-one recognised as significant at the time. She continues to undergo rigorous treatments as she edges her way towards better health. Andi is proud to become an Ambassador for the Lyme Disease Association of Australia and hopes to see tick-borne infections being taken more seriously by the government and medical establishment, so that her and her fellow Lymies do not have to remain as marginalised as they currently are. She is also passionate about spreading tick awareness at a grassroots level (pardon the pun!) so that others may receive the crucial early intervention that she did not.