LDAA Ambassador – Dr Melissa Keogh

Dr Melissa Keogh is a clinical psychologist, writer and commentator based in Sydney, Australia. 
She has appeared on a variety of programs such as The Project, Sunrise, Studio 10, The Morning Show, Today Extra and The House of Wellness TV as an expert psychologist discussing a wide range of issues. 
Dr Melissa has also held the position of writer/columnist at kidspot.com.au where she authored posts on relationship issues for Aussie mums and responded to readers’ questions via her Ask Dr Melissa column. Her media career has also involved representing major corporate brands as a spokesperson/expert psychologist such as 20th Century Fox, Hallmark and Nine Digital. 
Currently she holds the position of writer at E-Bubble Life, a digital health and well-being magazine. 
She has over 17 years’ experience as psychologist and after successfully completing treatment for internationally acquired Lyme Disease she now practices as a Lyme Literate psychologist in private practice, Sydney, supporting clients in Australia and world wide (via Telehealth) with the condition. 
Dr Melissa is honoured to be an Ambassador for LDAA and is thankful for the support the association afforded her during her treatment. “I don’t know what I would have done if the LDAA was not in existence when I was diagnosed”, says Dr Melissa. “They were a great source of support and provided much needed information about a condition I knew very little about at the time”. 
Dr Melissa believes that the current debate about the existence of Lyme Disease in Australia was a contributing factor to her delayed diagnosis (of 10 years) of internationally acquired Lyme Disease and as such, she is passionate about raising awareness about the condition and the need for early intervention. 
The paucity of treatment options in Australia also saw Dr Melissa travel to the US for treatment on multiple occasions at significant financial cost. 
In total, her Lyme Disease diagnosis and treatment exceeded $50,000 AUD and spanned a whopping 16 year period from beginning to end – a situation that is sadly commonplace for many Australians. 
As a result of her Lyme Disease journey Dr Melissa feels strongly that Australians with Lyme Disease have access to a range of affordable treatments at home. 
“We can do better than this”, she says. “We must”.