Australian Lyme Crimes: A Global Disgrace by Julie Mellae

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Living in ‘Nature’s Masterpiece’, The Royal National Park south of Sydney, I had discovered the perfect location as a widowed mother to raise my baby boy into a man.

Surrounded by the joy of birdsong, marsupials and an ocean vista, peace would blanket me and my child and sunshine and the sea air would help heal the wounds of grief.

No one mentioned the ticks! The fallout of being bitten many times a year for twenty years means something has to give.

I am certain the swollen, pregnant paralysis tick embedded in the back of my neck was the near fatal blow. Unaware of what it was, I squeezed and pulled, delivering tick guts and toxins directly into my bloodstream, the mouthpieces still attached to my neck!

The consequences unfolded to become a book. I was spiralling into dementia, sick to the core of my soul, yet I realised there was much more to this hideousness than sick Lymies knew about. So, I took a journey into the unknown.

The dark underbelly of the Lyme disease mafia corporations and minions.

COVID-19 ‘mysteriously’ escaped the lab in Wuhan, China. Lyme disease not only escaped the lab of Fort Detrick, Maryland and Plum Island, USA but was sprayed by military aircraft directly onto innocent civilians. A tick-borne, manipulated toxic bioweapon created by repatriated Nazi war criminals and by scientist Willy Burgdorfer who discovered the causative spirochete. Tick bio-warfare, amongst dozens of other human experimental atrocities, was developed during the Cold War in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.

In 1943, years before innocent Americans were ‘tick-bombed’, our own Australian CSIRO Commonwealth Laboratory were researching and developing tick weapons to rival the Americans. The laboratories, at the time, were located in Sydney University, Australia. Information has been suppressed relating to the Hawkesbury River military tick experiments and remains ‘classified’.

Over a million people globally suffer the carnage of Lyme disease. Too many die of deadly co-infections and, sadly, suicide. Our global governments, complicit in Cold War crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, covered up the truth then as they do now, from fraudulent scientists up to the highest levels of the military to Prime Ministers and Presidents on a global level. Lyme disease remains a poorly kept, conspiratorial ‘secret’ in a highly organised, covert medical industry. 

The Australian medical mafia humiliates the sick, and deregisters good, caring doctors while spruiking the mantra, ‘we do not have Lyme disease in Australia!’ Government websites deliberately misinform, lie and spin an altogether different story than the reality of that which is the truth. We do have Lyme in Australia, and we are sick, very sick!

There is much corrupted scientific data on the web, yet Australia has pioneered excellent research which has been enthusiastically peer-reviewed worldwide. Of course, these great scientists are not given the kudos they deserve, with some having had their lives threatened by government standover tactics.

My own personal story and experiences with the medical industry is woven through the facts of the science both the highly credible and, the alarmingly dodgy, together with the history of Plum Island which was run by the Nazis and Fort Detrick where even today, their work continues to be barbaric and evil.

Rather than Australian Lyme Crimes – The Global Disgrace ends up being too long and extensive for Lymies to read, I have included links for further reading and verification of facts, which makes handling easier and lighter. Original, declassified documents shed additional light on atrocities committed.

While writing this book, I spoke to Geoffrey Robertson QC, International Human Rights Barrister in London. His words were, ‘this story must be told’.

I also spoke with Kris Newby, author of Bitten. Kris assured me I was on the right track of investigation and research. My opinion of Willy Burgdorfer is harsh, unlike Newby, who reluctantly agreed with me. The man was a monster.


International Lawyer, Dr Reiner Fuellmich, is heading The Nuremburg 2.0 (Crimes Against Humanity Trials) in Germany.

In the not too distant future, I can see our own Lymies Crimes Against Humanity Trials coming to fruition with the world learning the travesty of justice we have been subjected to.

Julie Mellae LDAA

Julie Mellae is a renaissance woman, lover of the arts, all things beautiful, vintage, retro and antiques. She lives in Sydney, Australia.

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