Lyme disease: Why is Detoxification So Important?

By Dobrusia Szramowiak, Naturopath Why can’t we just kill the Lyme disease pathogen and get on with life? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The Complex Nature of Lyme DiseaseLyme disease pathogens release many toxins throughout their lifecycle, burdening the body’s detox systems. This leads to the build-up of not only pathogenic toxins but also environmental […]

The Seven Rules of Lyme Disease

I often use the analogy of a patient going into a doctor’s office with sixteen nails in his or her foot. If the doctor only pulls out one nail, the patient will not feel better. The medical paradigm that many healthcare providers subscribe to for chronic diseases—that there is one cause for one illness—is outdated.

Lyme Disease: The Ripple Effect

By Tamara York This article aims to illustrate the ripple effect of Lyme disease, emphasising that while it has negative impacts on one’s physical health, there remains significant potential for a positive transformation in one’s life. When someone you love has Lyme disease, their whole world is infected in some way. For the patient, they […]

A Letter to Lyme Patients & Loved Ones

Hello everyone,Since this is nearly the end of Lyme Awareness Month worldwide, I’ll share a post. Our family had one member bitten by an infected tick about 25 years ago in Byron Bay, while bushwalking. Within a few days the effects of the bite were felt. Diagnosis for years was “registered as” chronic fatigue, but […]

Don’t Say ‘Lyme’

By Jane Lockton The Bite In 1993, my husband and I moved to the UK to start an 18-month stay for work and study and of course, as much travel as possible. At the beginning of our stay, we took a trip with friends to Scotland where we spent a week or two sailing around […]

Despair, Research, Resolution

Anonymous Lyme Patient Since childhood, I have always had a very inquisitive mind. Later, as an Engineering student and graduate I was always interested, and not surprisingly, in science-based facts, but also paying special attention to the origins of those facts. My Lyme Diagnosis Journey I am convinced that in my family we have all […]

ART and The Lyme Pandemic

By Ariane Heller I am a German Medical Doctor, a German Naturopath, and a German-Russian trained Spiritual Healer with 20 years of experience in treating Lyme patients. My first experiences with Lyme reach back to the times when I met Dr Klinghardt, underwent my training in his ART (Autonomic Response Testing). I immediately applied my […]

Laila’s Chronic Lyme Success Story

Words and images copyright Veronique Mead, Chronic Illness Trauma Studies This is Laila’s Chronic Lyme Story. I call her story a #Chrillog, which stands for “chronic illness weblogs,” in which we look at our journeys through a nervous system and trauma lens. Laila’s Chronic Lyme Story highlights the commonly overlooked yet important role of adverse […]

How Electromagnetic Fields Affect Our Bodies

By Lyn McLean, Director, EMR Australia We know that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can both damage the body and can repair it. But how can both be true? In a paper published recently online Dr Henry Lai and science journalist B Blake Levitt explain this apparent contradiction. The story begins with the cell, they say. “As the […]

Sue’s Miracle Spinal Cord Stimulator

By Sue Sherratt Hi, everyone, my name is Sue Sherratt and I live in Sydney, Australia.  Due to living with tick-borne disease for many years, I had long felt my life as I once knew it was over. I had resigned myself to spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair, having lost my […]

Once Upon a Chronic Lyme Lifetime

By Janet F. Murray Having your dreams cut short due to an illness like Lyme or other tick bite infection is a painful experience for anyone. This pain is even more apparent when you don’t know whether your dream is deferred or entirely out of the question. I speak for many when I say that […]

Australian Lyme Crimes: A Global Disgrace by Julie Mellae

Living in ‘Nature’s Masterpiece’, The Royal National Park south of Sydney, I had discovered the perfect location as a widowed mother to raise my baby boy into a man. Surrounded by the joy of birdsong, marsupials and an ocean vista, peace would blanket me and my child and sunshine and the sea air would help […]