Book Review: But You Look Healthy! by Juliet Wilson

But You Look Healthy book cover

“A clear pathway back to health, and proof that it works”

When Canadian-born Aussie, Juliet Wilson finally found the root cause of a lengthy and debilitating health battle, then treated it with great success, she committed to sharing what she had learned with others. ‘But You Look Healthy’ is her gift to those who find themselves in similar situations; with lives on hold due to ongoing ‘mystery illnesses’, their pain and confusion compounded by medical dead-ends and lack of understanding from those around them.

Holding all the information that Juliet painstakingly gathered and utilised to eventually triumph over her debilitating health symptoms, this book has the potential to save patients years of expensive and traumatic searching and suffering, and the frustration of fruitless tests and treatments.

Juliet has skilfully interwoven her own inspiring story throughout a carefully crafted guide, which includes the multiple facets she needed to investigate to succeed in healing her complex, long-term disease. Chronically ill patients and their loved ones will find this book to be concise and comprehensive, but by design it is considerate and unlikely to overwhelm those new to the holistic health recovery pathway.

Left: Dr Richard Horowitz, eminent Lyme expert, wrote the foreword to “But You Don’t Look Healthy!”

Practitioners of conventional medicine will also benefit from this book, given it includes multiple issues that need to be explored, but are too often overlooked in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness. Juliet’s personal story, including the psychological suffering that prolonged illness inevitably delivers, is likely to have a lasting effect on those who harbour the tendency to consider ongoing, multi-systemic illness to be psychosomatic.

We appreciate that Australian Lyme and associated diseases has been courageously included and examined in this book as a potentially game-changing factor for the chronically ill. For too long Australian patients and Lyme-aware practitioners and their stories have been ignored, disbelieved and ridiculed. As well as being a valuable guidebook for those lost in the wilderness or at the starting line, But You Look Healthy represents another significant spanner in the works for the Lyme denial juggernaut.

But You Look Healthy! is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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