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87 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Jack waterman

    I have a friend who has been diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. She lives near Mullumbimby northern NSW, but she doesn’t have internet access. Would you please be able to provide a list of doctors/ naturopaths who have experience in treating this disease?

  2. Frances Morgan

    Hey I’ve been unwell for a year now and want to make sure it isn’t lymes. Where in Melbourne can I go to get bloods and what other info will I need to get it sent to America for testing?

    Kindest regards


  3. sharon

    i have been dx ms 2002 i have always thought that didnt seem right and the more i find?wut about lymes the more i question it im on a dsp and waas there a cheeper way of getting tested

  4. sharon

    i have been dx ms 2002 i have always thought that didnt seem right and the more i find?wut about lymes the more i question it im on a dsp and waas there a cheeper way of getting tested

    1. Sharon Whiteman

      I’ve emailed you Sharon – it is very expensive to be sick, especially with Lyme

  5. Rose

    Hi – I wonder if you could send me a list of Doctors and Naturopaths treating Lyme in Australia – Thankyou

  6. Lyn

    I have a property in the Shire of Chittering near Gingin WA. Ticks are everywhere there. Several years ago I kept telling my Doctor about tick bites I had, plus aching joints,fatigue,headaches,etc, the response I got was menopause….?? until it got so bad I insisted more blood test be done, then I was diagnosed with Lupus and fibromyelga, I had two large ovarian cysts grow within a year and had emergency surgeries to remove them. I now find out the ticks can cause a build up of bacteria to form cysts. Should I get re tested and is there a reputable Doctor I can visit who knows what they are doing. I no longer can work and have days I am very unwell. Thankyou, Lyn Perth WA

    1. Gingin WA

      Just chiming in on the mention of Gingin. Lived there for a good few years in bush/scrub areas. Bitten by ticks. So many ticks there with all those kangaroos! Been very ill with difficulties walking for a few years. Live mostly in my bed these days. Originally diagnosed few yrs ago with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. Not happy with that diagnosis & know there’s a deeper problem. Since then have contacted this website for a list of LLMD and waiting for my appointments with a handful of specialists. Been researching Lyme for ages.

      Since this webpage comes up high in a Google search, am writing here so that others in the Gingin area or other rural Western Australia areas, consider seeing a LLMD and get the overseas blood tests ordered, if they suspect Lyme or have severe body functioning issues.

      This website will provide you a GOOD list of LLMD, and I wish to thank them for helping me with my journey. Normal GPs and specialists have been NO help and you really need referrals from Lyme or CFS sufferers to find out which doctors and specialists actually exist out there. 🙂

      Hope all current and future website visitors to this comment and site, find this info helpful.

      1. Sharon Whiteman

        Yes, while still very few, we have a growing number of Lyme-aware physicians and naturopaths in Australia. Thank you for doing your bit to raise awareness.
        Warm Wishes,

  7. Jeremy

    I’ve recently done a test conducted by Australian Biologics (DNA test) which showed my system being positive for Borrelia Burgdorferi -N40. I had 3 tick bites in 2007 and have been debilitated since 2009 (aged 17). After all these years of ill health, I would like to eradicate this bug in the least time possible.
    I have been taking TOA free Samento in conjunction with Banderol (both Nutramedix) but would also like to know what (if any) antibiotics are available to kill this particular strain (N40).
    Can you give me any information and also tell me if there are any doctors near me (Blackburn North, Victoria).
    Kind Regards,

  8. Vanessa

    Can you tell me if there is a Medical Practitioner in Western Australia who I can consult? I am going around in circles trying to find someone.

  9. Margot

    I have been unwell for about 14 months after a bite (don’t know what bit me). I had a large rash that wasn’t a bullseye rash. I’ve suffered from aching muscles and joints which has shifted from knees to hips to back and now shoulder and neck. ‘ve recently been feeling a bit dizzy and a bit “foggy”. I have been waiting to see a Rheumatologist for 4 months now and it is still 2 months until my appointment. I have been taking anti inflammatories which mask the pain but don’t solve my problem. Can you please advise the name of a doctor or naturopath in the Cairns region who may be able to help me decide if Lyme disease is a possibility.

    1. Sharon Whiteman

      Hello Aaron, thank you for your comments – many Lyme patients are choosing silver (nano and colloidal) as part of their treatment)

  10. Michaela

    I have just tested positive and I have no idea where to go. I live in Western Australia however I have only found alternative treatments here. Is there any where that can I get treated in the Eastern States? I am happy to travel.

  11. Andrea Rowland

    I have lyme disease and four strains of rickettsia. Rickettsia is tested through Australian rickettsial laboratory in Geelong Vic – bulk billed.
    The Marshall Protocol treatment has saved my life. Don’t waste your time with anything else.

    1. Sharon Whiteman

      We’re very pleased that you’ve had great results and recovery with the Marshall Protocol. We applaud that!
      Please don’t comment here again inferring that there’s one right treatment for Lyme, next time I’ll just delete. Lyme is complex and there is no, one right treatment.

  12. Sue Challacombe

    Are there any practitioners near Grafton in NSW who deal with Lyme disease? I have terrible arthritis and bursitis in hips, knees and shoulders as well as a very inflamed achilles tendon. Doctors seem unable to find any cause. All blood tests for any sort of auto immune disease are negative, but every doctor (including immunologists) think that it could be some sort of Autoimmune disease. A friend suggested that I inquire about Lyme disease.

  13. Allison

    I was diagnosed with MS six years ago, was doing ok, but became near bedridden 6 months ago. I also found what I think was a tick head in my head around the time of diagnosis. My mum pulled it out with tweezers. I’ve watched “Under our skin” and I now believe I may had had lymes all along. How do I get tested, I’m in Melbourne. I am a mother with two young babies who are waiting for me to get better. I cannot believe where I am. Any help would be much appreciated.


  14. Christine Dimitrovski

    Hi, My name is Chris and I have been bitten by a tick. Are there any LLMD in Victoria as I am having bad arthritis pains and joint aches.
    I await your reply. Thanks. Chris

  15. yvonne

    Hi my bulls eye rash,my ongoing lyme blood tests all negative.I have been diagnosed with JRA L.knee replaced 2010,now with connective tissue disorder,p,anaemia B12 injections dont help the numbness in feet,legs and hands.gut problems,headaches,now cataracts and macular degeration.I find detoxing and honey with iodine 3drops pd a little bit of help,I would love to prove this to be Lyme if the doctors just listen to what I have to say.I have a serious operation soon ,how will this NOT LYME effect my outcome,i do want to wake up after op.Doctors cant see whats in side my body,blood doesnt prove every problem one might have,and what I tellthe Doc.doesnt seem to matter…kinda scared….yvonne

  16. Darren Cowley

    Hi, my name is Darren and I live on the northern beaches of Sydney at Narrabeen. I have a younger brother who is 35yrs old who has had many tests done by neurologists and have not come to any conclusion with the way he is feeling. Can you please recommend someone in the north Sydney area that we contact in regards to Lymes Disease ?
    Regards, Darren

  17. Mark

    Have been bitten numerous time before that on army exercises. started to suffer severe fatigue about ten yeas ago. A blood ulcer appeared on my forehead about 5 years ago (thought it was a result of a red back spider bite back in 1989) however have read this can be a side effect to lyme.
    Lungs have a burning feeling all the time now and the fatigue is more regular. Tired legs.
    Had all the blood tests the doctors care to give which have proved negative to anything or normal.
    In Afghanistan I go really fatigued / sick and my potassium and iron levels were nil. I was in the barracks eating well at the time and the doctors couldn’t figure it out.
    I now have chronic arthritis, stiff / sore neck/ tired etc.
    I have asked to get tested for lyme and am told I am depressed or suffer sleep apnia
    Went to see a physician who told me there is no such thing as lyme in Aust.
    Getting desperate now as I don’t want the permanent debilitating effects from this preventable disease. I just want someone who can diagnose me and set my mind at ease or cure me.
    I live in Perth. There s one doctor i know of that thinks outside the box but it takes at least 6 months to see him.
    Is there a natropath in Perth you may have heard of that can help me.
    I have a family (like most who appeal on this site) and can’t afford to go sick as my work now is a casual contract.
    getting desperate. sick of being sick.


  18. Julie

    Hi there, I suspect I am experiencing Lyme symtoms. Are they any LLMDs in the Noosa area that you can recommend?

  19. Eve Dupierrix


    I contact you to have some information about lyme disease
    because our 3-years-old son was bitten twice by tiny ticks in the bush during the last two weeks (the 21th and 28th of July). It was near Brisbane (Mount tamborine and around lake Mooghera).
    The ticks were approximately 2 mm size. I think they were in a nymphal stage.
    We think we removed them very early (few hours after having bitten).

    The problem is that the second time, we did not succeed to remove it properly.
    We used tweezers but we cut the body and the head stayed inside the skin of our son. We probably squeezed it at the same time. We went to emergency hospital immediately. Our son had a red circle around the bit during 1 or two hours after we tried to remove it (but it was not like what you describe on your website, it was like a red fully circle around the bit instead of a red ring). The doctors used a needle and they scrubbed the skin to remove the head. Our son bleed a little bit (but they said to not worry because Australia is free of lyme disease).

    Our son had also fever after the first time he was bitten. We went to the doctor who said us that he had a ear infection. So, the fever could not only be related to the ear infection but also to the ticks bite.

    We saw your instructions on our website, and we are now very worried.
    In France, we give antibiotics when someone is bitten by ticks to prevent lyme disease and here, the doctor and emergency said us that Australia is free of lyme disease.
    Could you give us information about the probability to contract lyme disease or other diseases
    induced by those tiny bush ticks?

    What do you advise us? Where can I bring my son here in Brisbane?
    Where can we find some antibiotics? Is it too late?
    We think that we would perhaps be able to have some antibiotics from my doctor in France?
    Do you recommend to give it to him?

    I really thank you for your time and your help,

    Best regards,

    Eve & Mat

  20. Roger

    Hi Sharon,

    Could you please provide me with contact details for Lyme and co-infections specialists, doctors and naturopaths in or near Northern Beaches Sydney and also blood testing laboratories here and overseas.

    Many thanks,


  21. deborah curtis

    I understand you have had a changing of the guard and volunteers, but I wrote several months ago about my symptoms and asking for a treating medical practitioner in Melbourne. I was bitten by a tick decades ago in the NT. I have had delibilitating symptoms for many years, which I tried to manage by good diet, vitamin and mineral supplements and rest. However over the last few years I have had just many symptom, including fatigue, extreme sensitivity to pathogens, food intolerances, muscluar stiffness, joint stiffness, depression, anxiety, muscle tics, extreme light sensitivity, skin rashes, it goes on. These symptoms at first got confused with thyroid symptoms, which is being managed and is definitely not the problem.

    I am now being seen by an infectious disease specialist but he claims there is no Lyme disease in Australia and he is testing me for Lyme possibly contracted in europe or the US. The thing is I know I had a tick bite on my head in the NT…it was in my hair. I vomited about a week afterwards but thought it must have been a virus.

    PLEASE please respond with some suggestions for treating practitioners…my life and money are being badly eroded and I really need help… there are no phone numbers to call and I have somehow either slipped through the cracks or for some reason my story was not uploaded or was deleted. There has been no follow up at all after months of waiting. I checked the FAQs and decided to continue to wait but still no response has been received. I’ve been very ill for a long time and I can’t tell you how difficult this situation is…I really need to get better and I can’t understand why anyone would decide not to respond. TIA

    1. ldaa_editor

      Hi Deborah, I am sorry to hear that your story has been missed in the past
      I have received it now and I have emailed you with a response
      Kind regards Michelle Kelly

  22. Em

    Hi there,
    sorry to hear of everyone suffering ill health, hope you get better soon! I have a somewhat different query, and I haven’t been able to find any information after trawling through the website as carefully as I could. My scenario is this: I’ve been bitten by many ticks my whole life (earliest memory about age 5), and still work in the field so get bitten regularly. It doesn’t seem practical to take heavy duty antibiotics every time this happens – I would be on them constantly! In 2010, I contracted something from the north Kimberley in WA, which made me ill with many symptoms matching lyme for ~7 months that year. Symptoms included a halo lesion where something bit me, severe joint pain, cough, night sweats, high fevers, and an all over rash diagnosed as erythema multiforme (an allergic reaction by my system to whatever I got). I was tested for everything from mononucleosis, ross river, tuberculosis etc etc with no success, and eventually had a biopsy to see if it was a skin infection. Eventually all this went away and I was well again and have been ever since. My questions is this – has anyone ever exhibited a spontaneous (ie without drug treatment) recovery from Lyme disease? If so do these people show strong immune response/antibodies? Is it worth being tested while I have no symptoms? Is my blood potentially useful for continued research into the disease?
    Any thoughts appreciated.

  23. John

    Could you please provide contact details for a relevant doctor located near me at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast [4557]. My daughter was bitten by a tick about 3 weeks ago, she still has a palsy affecting one side of her face. She is currently being treated conventionally with a course of antibiotics and a course of steroids [in case it is Bells Palsy]. My wife and I want to explore all treatment options.

  24. paula cawston

    Hi, maybe this is my answer. I have been back and forth from Dr with my daughter all year with no results. She has been tested for viruses, whooping cough, glandular fever, asthma and still no closer to answers. But when I saw your sight I nearly fell over. The bullseye rash looks exactly like the spot she had. Has since been complaining of difficulty breathing, reoccuring sore throat, stiff joints, sore neck, ear aches, headaches and just feeling unwell. It is not constant, withbdifferent symptoms presenting at different times. Call it a mothers instinct but im sure there is more too it than the normal childhood sicknesses. What should b my next course of action? She is 8 years old and we live in the northern suburbs of Wollongong (last street before bush of the illawarra escarpment). We moved here a year ago and neighbours are complaining about huge increase in ticks. We also have a growing deer problem here too. Any advice would b soooo greatly appreciated as I am lost on how to help her. Thank you for your dedication and this website.

  25. Shaun

    Hi. I’ve been told by my doctor that I am highly likely to have Lymes disease, after having ruled out many other possibilities. I live in Orbost, Victoria, 3888.
    My doctor has referred me to have blood tests done at Australian Biologics in Sydney.
    I just hoped you could give me some information and help with what I should be doing, where I can go for help and treatment, and what the treatment and outlook might be?

  26. Telle

    Firstly, thank you for volunteering to support others being affected by Lyme disease. I’m sure everyone really appreciates the assistance this site provides.
    I emailed a couple of weeks ago and haven’t received a response yet so I thought id chase up my query here.
    Can you please email me Lyme experienced doctors and naturopaths in central Victoria / Melbourne?
    Thank you for your time and help.

    1. Sharon Whiteman

      Hello Telle,
      Gee, sorry about that – I did check and we did respond, but maybe there’s something gone wrong somehow.
      Can you let us know if you don’t get something this morning?

  27. kerrie kohncke

    I live at ninderry on the sunshine coast queensland and have been unwell since march with head acks fatigue muscle aches joint pain butterfly rash. was first thought i had lupus but after expensive test it came back – .
    does a normal gp test you for this or is there someone special to go to. thanks kerrie

  28. Elizabeth Robins

    Hello. I am a person living on the sunshine coast of queensland, am a medium, homoeopathic assistant, and have been asked to assist with a cure for Lymes. A lovely lady Lucy, who unfortunately has Lyme, is on my top priority to assist at the moment. i thought it necessary to share this information with any person affected.
    Here goes…
    The rule for any cure is to find the origin of the disease and its cure in our animal kingdom. We are just another host in the animal kingdom, although being human can hinder the healing process. We lack an ability to sustain ourselves, just as the domesticated dog relies on the food bowl, we too can rely heavily on what is shown to us first or can be purchased over a counter.
    Millions of studies on monkeys and animals have been carried out, because they are the closest to our healing cabinet, the forest.
    A deer in canada will more than likely eat the American Beauty Berry to deter itself of tick infestation. The use of American Beauty Berry to deter ticks generally is of use in the USA.
    It just so happens that the inside of this berry is very very similar to the rash that presents with lyme disease. In Australia the native mulberry is the same, dogs eat it and we could use it.,

  29. Katharine

    Hi, after honeymooning on Tamborine mountain this year I became very ill will awful flu like symptoms, since then I have had many investigations and have problems with my nervous system. I wonder if I could have been bitten? Where would be able to go about getting tested in New Zealand? My doctors are not interested in finding the cause of my illness.
    Kind regards

  30. michael

    my wife and i have not been well for a number of years since coming back from a cruise ship from the Caribbean’s almost 10 years ago. Long story short, i would like to get a list of practitioners who are treating and or have treated people with this disease. i live in Melbourne, Oakleigh 3166. i am prepared to travel anywhere to sort this out.
    thank you, m

  31. Janette


    I need to rule in or out if I have Lyme Disease. I have been unwell for 11 years post a tick bite (or should I say several tick bites). My GP insisted that this disease does not exist in Australia, so I have been left out to dry with no diagnosis on why I feel so dreadful, despite being tested for everything under the sun. Could you please recommend a doctor who can help me around Maclean NSW area. Closest major towns are Grafton and Lismore. Travelling to the Gold Coast or Brisbane is no trouble if there is a good doctor in those cities. Thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing. J.

  32. Shaun

    Hi. I was just wondering if you know of any Australian patients who have had success getting treatment from overseas with Dr Nicola Fadzean or Dr Marty Ross, and any other related info?

  33. Joelle Morgan

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to encourage you with your advocacy and support of people with this disease.

    In 2010 I had a tick bite just outside Brisbane, QLD with an incredible EM reaction. I was pregnant at the time and was very concerned about Lyme (am aware of the disease as I lived in the US as a child). I went to 3 doctors in Brisbane, 2 of whom had to ‘google’ lyme disease to know what I was talking about. The remaining doctor gave me a 7 day script for Erythromycin. Unfortunately I miscarried that pregnancy and then tried to carry on as normal.

    Over the past 3 years I have suffered debilitating symptoms such as tremors, jerks, brain fog, chronic fatigue, insomnia, rigors, unexplained fevers, massive floaters in my eyes and blurred vision, numbness and tingling in my hands, neuropathy, and debilitating pain etc.

    I now live in the US and after have extensive tests to rule out MS, (MRI showed possible Lyme lesions in the brain), Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, Lupus etc, I was sent to a LLMD, Dr Dan Kinderlehrer. I told him about my tick bite and showed him photos of the EM which I had taken at the time back in 2010. He ordered bloodwork to be sent to Igenex and both IGA and IGM tests have come back slam dunk positive, with coinfections. I am about to embark about the usual 2 year treatment plan.

    Lyme is absolutely in Australia and it is blind and dangerous of the established medical community to ignore these problems in patients, and demonize the doctors who try to take patients with these symptoms seriously.

    I also have to have my son who I had after I contracted Lyme disease tested for Lyme also to rule out whether it has passed on to him. We get him tested with Igenex this week.

    Thankyou for what you’re doing. Keep going.

    Many blessings

  34. Shaun

    I’m currently going through the process of trying to get samples sent to Igenex. I have the guide from your website, my only problem is that I live more than 4 hours from both Sydney and Melbourne, and cannot get the samples to the FedEx office for the same day flight. Just wondering if you have any info that might help? At the moment I assume Ill have to get another courier to express overnight the package to FedEx in Sydney, and then it will be flown out the next day.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  35. Jess

    Hi I live in Mandurah, Weatern Australia and have been very unwell for about 3 months now. Dr’s just keep telling me my pathology results are good and to take anti depressents and go away when I know I don’t feel right and its something more! I did ask my Dr about Lyme but she just dismissed me and said it doesnt exist here in Aus.
    Just wondering what the best test method is and how much it costs to send my blood to the US?

    Thank you for your time, you’re doing a great job!!

  36. Kay Ashton

    Could you please provide me with a list of Doctors & naturopaths in Sydney as I have been unable to get any satisfactory answers to my skin rashes & sore joints.
    Thank you

  37. Jessica

    I live in point cook, melbourne, Victoria and have been unwell for a few months now. I suffer from constant headaches, joint pain, and my asthmatic has gotten worse. As of lately I have been really off, almost delirious, fevers, muscle twitching, food & smells are distorted. Once side of my face slightly dropped almost like a mild Bell’s palsy attack and the doctor prescribed me prednisolone. After numerous trips to the doctors to find out what’s happening nobody can seem to work out what’s wrong. I’ve been made to feel like I’m going crazy, I came across Lyme disease on the internet and most of the symptoms fit what I’m experiencing. How do I go about getting tested & who do I go see?

  38. Andrea


    I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease 14 years ago after a very long wait an a lot of wrong diagnoses by doctors before. I am German and got it in Germany. In the end I could not even walk stairs anymore. Once diagnosed my GP gave me antibiotics for 3 weeks and said I am fine now. I have shortly after met my Australian husband and moved to Australia. I thought Lyme disease is a thing from the past for me but I had health problems in the last few years. I had treatment at the physio as my physio knows about Lyme and she knows me quite well due to ongoing treatment and she finds things do not quite ad up she suggested I should be checked again for Lyme. I have had problems with my hips, chronic cough, I feel dizzy, back pain always tired, heart racing. (Can be Limes but could be something else as well)
    I have antibodies as I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, so a blood test makes no sense. I think it might have become a chronic Lyme disease. To get a proper diagnosis I need a doctor who knows what it is (my GP does not really know), a specialist is much more likely to understand and differ between my symptoms, weather they are Lyme related or not. The question here is where in Perth do I find somebody who can diagnose and treat me in the right way. Do you have a name and an address for me for somebody I can go to?
    I am looking forward to your answer.
    Thank you

  39. Claude

    Hi Sharon, can you send me a list of doctors and naturopaths here in Melbourne. I’ve been seeing GP’s and have undergone blood tests, scans, mri but they all say the same that everything is normal. Last year I spent a month in Bendigo and had a tick bite while in tge bushes. Since then, i had symptoms similar to Lyme Disease. It has been affecting my life so big that I Am not the same active person that I was.
    Thank you in advance for your help.