Despair, Research, Resolution

Anonymous Lyme Patient

Since childhood, I have always had a very inquisitive mind. Later, as an Engineering student and graduate I was always interested, and not surprisingly, in science-based facts, but also paying special attention to the origins of those facts.

My Lyme Diagnosis Journey

I am convinced that in my family we have all been infected with Lyme disease for decades. Eventually it got much worse with successive episodes of more tick bites in our garden. And by then, all of our symptoms were progressively becoming more pronounced and very hard to ignore. Each of us had a different set of handicaps/symptoms. Mine was the inability to put pressure on the soles of my feet. The pain was like a sharp warning, reminiscent of walking barefoot on broken glass. For the next 2 years my walking days were over. This was exceptionally traumatic for me because I always found walking gave me so much more than the obvious physical benefits, at times it also inspired in me new and creative thoughts.    

This led to my frantic obsession; a relentless research programme to find a successful outcome. I was also driven by an endless supply of highly disappointing and successive let-downs and failures by the medical profession. Some, very expensive, and so-called specialists, did not have a clue. I am sure many have had a similar experience. 

We even tried a hyperthermia course in a clinic in Germany. They were very caring and professional but afterwards our Lyme disease continued to survive. 

As a long-time fan of Dr Hulda Clark, naturally I became very interested in her alternative medical philosophy and the science of identical resonating principles. This was put into practice by her own machine known as a Zapper.

My search for a more powerful zapper led me to the Rife Technology. It also led me to find a Lyme Practitioner in the US who was an ex-Lyme patient herself. She treated all of us over Zoom and she was the best thing we could have asked for at the time.  

Rife became instrumental for all matters concerning pathogens and improved outcomes. Before I met our practitioner, I was already heavily involved with the benefits of herbal supplements and we continued to use them. We also tried hyperbaric chambers but unfortunately the benefits were not noticed by any of us.  

Finally, Rife and liquid stabilised oxygen drinks provided the tools necessary to overcome our Lyme challenges.