Throughout the year the Lyme Disease Association of Australia (LDAA) holds, sponsors, and promotes a variety of events. Such events include those run by various Lyme related or Lyme supportive organisations. These range from raising awareness of the plight of Lyme and Lyme-like disease sufferers, to raising funds for much needed research, or for continued advocacy, and there are events everyone can attend or support!

The May Lyme Project

The LDAA’s principal event each year is The May Lyme Project.   The event is usually held in May each year. During the month of May the LDAA sponsors and supports an assortment of awareness and fundraising events occurring throughout Australia. The purpose of the event is simple; to raise awareness and funds for the on-going advocacy of Lyme and Lyme-like disease in Australia. Access a complete history of event awareness here.

May Lyme Project 2018

The May Lyme Project is the LDAA’s principal awareness raising event. This year the LDAA and the Country Women’s Association of Australia (CWAA) are once again combining their efforts to support Australian Lyme patients. The purpose of the 2018 “#it’sAsign!” May Lyme Project is to raise awareness and funds to improve outcomes for current and future Australian Lyme patients. Although this campaign has now closed you can still donate to the LDAA, by simply clicking on the donate button.

If you participated in this year’s #itsAsign campaign, your picture may be on our #itsAsign 2018 May Lyme Awareness Gallery.  If you are not there and would like to participate simply send your photograph to and we will add it to the wall.

Wear a Bullseye Rash

This May we are asking everyone to wear a temporary bullseye rash tattoo to raise awareness for Lyme disease and Lyme-like illness in Australia.

The exact number of people with Lyme disease in Australia is unknown because our Government do not recognise the disease as locally acquired, nor collect statistics about it.  Each year thousands of Australians are denied treatment for the disease with most left without support.

In past years the event has been conducted as part of world-wide Lyme awareness and protest initiatives. You can access the archives of previous events below.

Host a Fundraising and/or Awareness Event

It’s a fun and inspiring thing to do, and it makes a real difference.  We have some helpful hints in our easy to use manual: LDAA Event-Fundraising Manual FINAL

Upcoming Events
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Past Event Awareness
Event Planning and Management Toolkit Forms and Resources
Form 1 - Register a fundraising event with the LDAA in which proceeds are donated to the LDAA.

Fundraiser details

Fundraising Merchandise

Please review the available merchandising packs and indicate the quantities required. Our merchandise includes brochures, balloons, stickers, pins, armbands, table banners and carry bags.

For t-shirts, caps and other wearable merchandise please visit the LDAA shop!

Public Liability Insurance

The Lyme Disease Association of Australia (LDAA) has $20 million dollar public liability insurance which covers volunteers for basic events. The LDAA's public liability insurance DOES NOT cover organisers of large events with multiple vendors/stallholders.

If you are unsure, please contact us prior to the submission of this form.


By clicking submit you confirm that the details above are true and correct and agree to the following terms and conditions:

The Lyme Disease Association of Australia (LDAA) maintains $20 million dollar public liability insurance to cover volunteers for basic events. This insurance does not cover large events with multiple vendors/stallholders and as such it is the fundraisers responsibility to seek insurance if outside of the scope of the LDAAs coverage.

No upfront payment is required for merchandise however, all unsold items must be returned to the LDAA as soon as practical otherwise any costs outstanding will be the liability of the event coordinator. The return postage cost for unsold merchandise and other marketing material are to be deducted from the monies raised.

Any monies raised, minus overheads where applicable, must be provided to the LDAA whether by PayPal or Direct Deposit as soon as practical after the conclusion of an event.

The event coordinator agrees not to damage or bring the LDAAs reputation into disrepute and that if fundraising for the LDAA utilising LDAA supplied merchandising all funds raised, minus overheads where applicable, are to be directed to the LDAA.
Resource 5 - Access downloadable marketing material.

The following The May Lyme Project 2017 images are available for downloading to utilise throughout the life of the campaign – coming soon!

The following flyers and posters are are available for download and printing for your information or to utilise at your next fundraising/awareness/general event:

Resource 6 - Purchase wearable merchandise.

The Lyme Disease Association of Australia’s online store stocks a range of print-on-demand t-shirts, shirts, bags, caps, hoodies and doggie vests.

Resource 7 - Fundraising partner

The Lyme Disease Association of Australia has partnered with MyCause. The MyCause platform allows fundraisers to set-up individual fundraising pages for events they hold to raise funds for the LDAA. Firstly, you must complete form 1 above to register the event with the LDAA. Secondly, click the Fundraise for use link below to complete our own fundraising page.

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