May Lyme Project 2017 welcomes two key partners! 

The LDAA is excited and grateful to announce that the Country Women’s Association of Australia (CWAA) has chosen to partner with the LDAA for The May Lyme Project 2017.

 “Lyme disease is a real concern to our national membership and our full executive team endorsed the ‘Bite of Lyme’ campaign for change.  We are looking forward to combining our efforts with the LDAA to raise awareness and funds to improve outcomes for current and future Australian Lyme patients.” said National president, Dorothy Coombe.

We are also proud and excited to let you know that the LDAA will partner with the US-based, LymeDiseaseChallenge group.  Like us, they are grass-roots and patient-lead – a global partnership for real action both with and for Lyme patients.  We may have similar or the same or completely different ‘bugs’, but many of the challenges in regards to recognition, early diagnosis and effective treatment are identical.  It’s time for change.

We have a small volunteer team ready to help patients, their families and communities make a difference in May.  It’s SUPER simple, take a photo on your own, an a group or at an event, then share and donate – Give$10forLyme#BiteOfLymeAU #LymeDiseaseChallenge