Dobrusia, LDAA's Ask the Naturopath

Lyme Recovery: Presentation and Q & A
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Ask the Naturopath sessions are held via Zoom on the third Monday of each month at 7.00pm (Syd/AEST). Everyone is welcome to join in, simply click on the Zoom link provided above. Each session will begin with a themed, short talk by Dobrusia, followed by Q & A. Just listen and learn, or ask a question (or three).

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About the Naturopath

LDAA Board Member Dobrusia Szramowiak is a qualified naturopath and lymph and organ drainage practitioner, passionate about helping people with chronic complex health issues. She began her professional career as a chemical engineer.

After 12 years working with chemicals, her health collapsed from toxic overload. This brought up her previously dormant Lyme disease she contracted in Poland as a child. In addition to this, she developed sensitivity to mould, chemicals and MCAS.

Due to lack of awareness and understanding among medical practitioners in Australia, Dobrusia spent over ten years searching for answers and effective ways to heal. She understands suffering, frustration and helplessness associated with this process. Now she would like to offer support to those who suffer from Lyme and other complex conditions by empowering them with knowledge and hope, by conducting monthly sessions ‘Ask the Naturopath’.

Find out more about Dobrusia @ Healthy Flow Clinic.

Health Disclaimer
Health education during sessions is provided for information and educational purposes only.  It does not necessarily represent endorsement by the Lyme Disease Association of Australia or its board. We recommend you consult with your primary medical practitioner to inform your health choices.