May is International Lyme Disease Awareness Month, a chance for Lyme patients, activists and educators to share information about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

Each year the LDAA curates May Lyme Awareness Month, a whole month of activities, campaigns, education, fundraising and more. This year we have partnered with our friends at TICNA (Tick-Borne Illness Community Network Australia) and Conquering Chronic Illness (CCI).

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Throughout May we have exclusive gift for special supporters!

All new LDAA memberships and all donations during May 2023 will receive a complimentary LDAA stainless steel water bottle! Tell the world that you give a tick about Lyme!

Minimum donation $10 (to help us cover postage costs).

What to do during May Lyme Awareness Month:

  1. Take Action for Lyme Patients
  2. Log onto the LDAA Facebook page each day for:
  • Random giveaways throughout the month
  • Gifts for those who donate or become members during May
  • Interviews with experts, tailored to Aussie Lyme and chronic illness patients
  • Messages from our Ambassadors
  • International news and posts
  • Cool new Lyme merchandise design
  • Awareness raising targeted at the general population
  • And more!

2023 Calendar

  • Some dates may be subject to change. Please follow our Facebook page where we’ll post program details each day.

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Sponsors & Special Offers

Some fabulous and very generous businesses have come on board to offer our community special discounts and products for us to giveaway.

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Orgone Effects® has a long-standing history of developing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products to neutralize the harmful effects of all forms of noxious energy emissions since its inception in 2000.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, they are the sole manufacturer of the Orgonium® range of EMR harmonizing products. They have a large range of protective products for you, your family and your pets!

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15% off the whole store during May (Excl packs and already discounted items). Use discount code HEALTHY15
Earthing Oz was founded in 2009, and were the very first company in Australia to offer customers practical, indoor earthing solutions.

Earthing is essential for great health, and helpful for sensitive Lyme types. Selling only genuine Earthing products and EMR solutions, Earthing Oz has grown to be one of the most trusted names and most recognised earthing brands in Australia and are passionate about sharing earthing knowledge. They stock a huge range of Earthing, EMR/EMF and blue light protection products!

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Lisa Gumieniuk knows what it’s like to suffer years of chronic illness. Lyme and autoimmunity stole her former career and busy lifestyle, and led to her health hitting rock bottom. For 6 years, she was unable to work.

To support her own health Lisa called on nutrition, energetic medicine, herbals and supplements, but the key to supporting her journey was uncovering the root cause and taking action to calm her nervous system and re-wire her brain. Now, with a plethora of qualifications under her belt, she helps others find their root cause and recover their health too.

We’re giving away a gift box of The Spoonie Society’s handmade hot & cold lupin packs on Facebook.
The Spoonie Society is an Aussie business started by Dominique and Helene in 2020. They both are very familiar with the suffering and stigma that is associated with having a chronic illness, especially chronic pain.

Dom and Helene’s infamous wearable heat packs have become a staple in over 40,000 peoples pain management inventory. They create products and pain management aids that are not only functional but look good. The Spoonie Society also educates the wider community on chronic illness.

25% off Write to Feel Right symptom journals. Use code MAY25
Plus, we’ll be giving away a 3-pack (one year) of journals on Facebook!
Wellness Woo is inspired by the wisdom of people living with chronic illness and health issues, caregivers, health care professionals, and healers. They create beautiful journals to help you capture, clarify and change your symptoms, and track and improve your well-being.

Founder Claire started tracking her own symptoms with a petrol station wall calendar. This evolved to using a blank journal to capture nutrition, supplements, sleep, activities, and gratitude reflections. Now, she makes Write to Feel Right journals that are tailor-made for chronic illness patients! Wellness Woo donates a percentage of sales to the LDAA.

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We’re giving away bottles of NoBites™ insect repellent on Facebook.
NoBites is a natural, plant-based, and sustainably-sourced insect repellent that contains key ingredient Citriodiol® – nature’s most effective insect defence.

Unlike other essential-oil based products, NoBites™ has passed the most rigorous safety and efficacy tests and the key active ingredient is backed by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). And besides being effective, it smells great!

Consider Me Box will donate $2 from every sale in May to the LDAA.
Consider Me box create very special, carefully curated gift boxes that hold the intention of improving wellness, providing comfort, and making the recipient feel considered. A great Mother’s Day gift idea!!

Founder Tiffani suffered Lyme disease and is a strong advocate for Lyme patients in Australia. Focussed around wellness, Consider Me Box is also passionate about supporting small Australian businesses that provide healthy and practical products. Box contents are low-tox, organic and natural, so are suitable for anyone living with sensitivities and illness. And they come in various sizes!

Lyme LDAA - Lyme-Ed Headshot of Dr Nicola Ducharme

*** HOT DEAL *** 50% off acclaimed course “Lyme-Ed”.
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Lyme-Ed is a super comprehensive online course by Lyme ND Dr Nicola Ducharme. With over 20 hours of invaluable content, practitioners and patients alike can learn about how and why to adopt an integrative approach to Lyme – including what adopting an integrative approach actually means. The training covers 10 modules plus access to supporting files and resources. Learn at your own pace, in your time.

Course author Dr Nicola Ducharme is an Australian-born Naturopathic Doctor practising in the US, and has written four books on the subject of Lyme disease – The Lyme Diet, The Beginners Guide to Lyme Disease, Lyme Disease in Australia and Lyme Brain..

We’re giving away Leonie Shanahan’s book Lyme Disease Sucks: The Trauma, The Truth and the Triumph in the May newsletter. (Sign up now!)
Leonie Shanahan‘s journey from being a vibrantly active and dynamic speaker and organic gardener, to a woman struggling to get out of bed and function, was a long and hard fall.

“We don’t have Lyme disease in this country!” the medical fraternity said.
Undeterred, Leonie was not about to give up. She refused to fill her body with drugs and instead went on a journey of discovering alternate therapies to rebuild her mind, body, and energetic spirit.

We’re giving away Diana Hunter‘s book An Intuitive Life: A practical guide to living in harmony with your inner wisdom. Join her live Facebook meditation to be in the running!
An Intuitive Life will teach you how to experience all aspects of your life being guided by a rich inner wisdom which knows what is in your best interest – your intuition! Because, your intuition knows the bigger picture beyond what is obvious, and is always there to guide you towards the most beneficial choices.

Delivering a wealth of insight and information about intuitive development, this book explains the multiple facets of the intuitive process. You will learn simple, practical, step-by-step methods to developing intuition as well as how to discover your unique intuitive style.

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5% off Spooky2 rife machines.
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Spooky2 is the most highly advanced and versatile Rife system (frequency healing machine) in the world. It’s been developed since 2013 by an international team of electronics engineers, technical designers, software developers, and Rife practitioners.

Each microorganism (fungi, bacteria, virus, parasite, amoeba, mold, etc) has a unique and specific frequency. When you transmit more of this same frequency to the microorganism with a Rife machine, it causes structural stress, and the pathogen is disabled or dies.

We’re giving away But You Look Healthy! in our May newsletter
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Juliet C Wilson survived over a decade of relentless health issues and being told “But you don’t look sick,’ by dozens of doctors and specialists, before finally coming across a doctor who recognised what she was dealing with.

Realising that there were so many people like her around the world, Juliet felt it was important to share what she had learned, in the hope of helping others regain their health, and survive the experience along the way.

We’re giving away Australian Lyme Crimes: A Global Disgrace in our May newsletter (Sign up now!)
In this ground-breaking book, Julie Mellae describes her own harrowing Lyme journey, and interweaves this with the untold truth around Australia’s involvement in the creation and testing of bioweapons. She takes a look at Lyme disease’s origins, the reasoning behind its denial and negligence by Australian doctors sworn to the Hippocratic Oath.

We look at the action of governments and their various instrumentalities, which on the one hand seek to exploit sections of their own populations while at the same time resorting to manipulating decisions and laws for their own self-protection.

*** And more to be confirmed!!! ***

Kids Merch Design Competition

Attention Lyme kiddos! We need new designs for our Lyme merch! 
Get creative and come up with a new design for a t-shirt and tote bag :shirt::handbag: 

Our favourite design wins a merch pack printed with the winning designs! Your designs will then become part of the LDAA range.

The only limit is your imagination!

Here are the deets:

:white_tick: Competition is open to Australian Lymies and their siblings
up to 15 years of age
:white_tick: Designs should be roughly A4 size
:white_tick: Designs must be submitted by 5pm, May 26 to [email protected] (scanned as jpeg or png <6MB)

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