May is International Lyme Disease Awareness Month, a chance for Lyme patients, activists and educators to share information about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

Each year the LDAA curates the May Lyme Project, a whole month of activities, campaigns, education, fundraising, education and more, right across Australia.


We will be featuring the activities of member groups from around the world on the LDAA Facebook page, as well as uncovering the many myths that are associated with Lyme disease.

Also in May 2021, the LDAA is proud to announce its association with Lyme.Global, a new international coalition for a unified approach to Lyme patient rights.

Lyme Global

Lyme LDAA - Lyme.Global logo

Envisioned by leaders in Spain, Canada and Australia, then quickly embraced by France, UK, Poland and Luxembourg, this grassroots alliance of patient groups and organisations is welcoming an increasing number of other countries to collaborate for lasting change for patients with Lyme and associated diseases around the world.

Respected tick-borne disease scientist, Adj Professor Leona Gilbert, welcomes the move for patients and scientists to unite:

“I am excited to both endorse and partner with the Lyme Global Coalition for Patient Rights. Tick and other vector-borne diseases aren’t limited by borders or country specific health policy, nor should scientific and medical collaboration. I envision that the greatest advancements for current and future Lyme patients will be both initiated and accelerated by global collaboration”.

The Lyme Global coalition focus is on patients; to support their rights to informed consent and access to multiple treatment options among established treatments including but not limited to: innovative treatments, off label drug therapies and experimental treatments for all stages of infection including acute, disseminated, late stage and recurring infections.

We invite you to:

• Frame your Facebook profile pic with the Lyme Global logo, “United for Patient Rights”

• Like the Lyme Global Facebook page

• Email to learn how you can be involved (

Contact us to help share your May Lyme projects and events.

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