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Welcome to the family.

Living with chronic illness can be incredibly challenging, lonely and expensive. Not only are most Lyme patients living in medical limbo, but they also suffer the stress of their condition being highly controversial and stigmatised.

Finally, someone understands.

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As part of the Lyme Disease Association of Australia, you become a member of a small but supportive family of people who can truly comprehend what you are, and have been, going through.

We’ll keep you up to date with:

  • new treatment breakthroughs
  • health policy developments
  • new and upcoming research
  • international news
  • statistics
  • helpful patient anecdotes.

There is no obligation on you as a member to participate, but we welcome volunteers, ideas and real life patient stories.

Membership of LDAA is not required to access any information or services offered by the organisation.

We are the peak patient body for Lyme disease in Australia, and though we do try to make our work fun, we take our leadership and support roles very seriously.

Thank you for joining us!

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