Lyme patients unite: It’s time to take action

Patients First


Enough is enough. After the 2016 Senate Inquiry into “Lyme-like illness” in Australia, Lyme patients were promised a “patients first” approach. Five years later, we are still receiving reports of patients being refused treatment by GPs and hospitals, patients being told their symptoms are “all in their head,” and GPs losing their medical registrations due to treating Lyme patients.

The DSCATT Clinical Pathway (new guidelines for GPs on treating Lyme and associated diseases) is the latest in the Government’s insufficient attempts to fulfil the Twelve Recommendations from the Inquiry’s Final Report. Our rebuttal of the Clinical Pathway is supported by many international Lyme experts – scientists, clinicians and advocates.

Since 2012 the Government has been engaged in action around Lyme and associated diseases. And yet the situation for patients is worse than ever.

Are you tired of being ignored, patronised and denied, on top of managing your illness? Or perhaps you’re tired of watching a loved one needlessly suffer without appropriate government support?


What you can do

1. Contact your local member

We’ve made it super easy to email your local member, to tell your story and prepare them for a briefing with the LDAA.

Simply enter your name and location details to find your MP, then add your own story to our email template. Don’t forget to add an eye-catching subject line!

2. Protest on social media

Remember to:

  • Use facebook tags @lymediseaseaus,, @healthgovau, and your MP
  • Use hashtags #aussielymefight, #lymeactionaustralia, #aussielymedenial, #ldaapatientsfirst

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Other ways to take action

Lyme t-shirt LDAA
Lyme t-shirt LDAA