Since 2012 the Government has been engaged in action around Lyme and associated diseases. And yet the situation for patients is worse than ever.

The latest health policy for tick-borne illnesses blocks and delays diagnosis and treatment for Lyme sufferers bitten in Australia! (Find out more).

Are you tired of being ignored, patronised and denied, on top of managing your illness? Or perhaps you’re tired of watching a loved one needlessly suffer without appropriate government support?


What you can do

1. Sign our petition

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2. Contact your local member

Our customised Patients First! Email your local member platform closed in July 2022, but it’s easy to DIY!

Find contact forms and email addresses for your local Member of Parliament (and Senators) on the Australian Parliament’s Contacting Senators and Members web page. Simply write and tell your story, and request that they take urgent action to support Lyme patients in Australia.

You can add the following text to your email if you wish:

In Brisbane, a very sick, tick-bitten toddler requiring urgent medical treatment was turned away from a public hospital when medical staff did not recognise the classical Lyme disease “bullseye” rash. Later, the same hospital refused to treat the child after being advised she had tested positive for Lyme disease.

This response is typical for Lyme patients in Australia. Current health policy for tick-borne illness denies Australian-acquired Lyme disease, and blocks/delays diagnosis and treatment for patients. Lyme/tick-borne disease patients are worse off than they were before the Senate Inquiry in 2016.

If you require further assistance to contact politicians, please contact us.

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