You’re invited to Lymie Lunch!

Lyme lunch

Weekly on Tuesdays

* Times updated for Daylight Savings Summer 2021-22 *

1.00pm (AEDT) Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart

10.00am Perth | 12.30pm Adelaide | 12.00pm Brisbane

Zoom link
Meeting ID: 208 307 572
Passcode: 027067

Join us for a check-in, some connection, fun and camaraderie. We’d love to meet you!

Hosted by
 💚  Sharon Whiteman | CEO

Learning to use Zoom

Zoom is a super easy, online conferencing program. Your first time on zoom? Use this 1 min tutorial

If you’re feeling uncertain about using this kind of program, reach out to us before the meeting time and we’ll assist.

Allow 10-15 minutes before the meeting if it’s your first Zoom:

1. Click on the weekly meeting link and it will download a small Zoom app automatically

2. It may ask for permission to use camera and audio – please say yes. Once you’re in the virtual zoom ‘meeting room’ you have complete control and can turn your audio and/or video off whenever you choose.

3. Please mute yourself if you have background noise (mute button is found by hovering your mouse over the audio/microphone icon)

See you there!

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