LDAA Ambassador – Didier Cohen

We are honoured to announce the recent appointment of Didier Cohen as a LDAA Ambassador.   

Didier is an American-born Australian DJ/Producer and Media Personality known as The Voice of Generation Y, from music, film and TV, to fashion and Technology.


Didier accepted the LDAA’s invitation to become an Ambassador after his own health struggles led him to being diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2018.


He says “It is my pleasure to be Ambassador for the Lyme Disease Association of Australia, who represent and assist the thousands of Australian patients that face not just chronic illness and debilitating symptoms, but a lack of diagnosis and treatment.”

Didier was a willing participant in the LDAA’s #itsasign Bullseye May Lyme Project Campaign to help raise awareness throughout the wider community.  Our Patron, Dr Richard Horowitz, describes that a solid, spreading rash (resembling a bacterial infection/cellulitis or ‘spider bite’) or a bullseye rash is present in approximately 50 percent of those with Lyme disease, so it is important to be aware of other contributing factors and that not all rashes are bullseye in form.