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There is an overwhelming need for Lyme-literate practitioners in Australia, both medical and complementary. (See Australian Lyme)

In response to this, LDAA has partnered with Dr Nicola Ducharme to make her online Lyme disease training, Lyme-Ed available to practitioners.

The course is also suitable for study by patients and carers.

Dr Nicola Ducharme

Lyme LDAA - Lyme-Ed Headshot of Dr Nicola Ducharme

Dr Nicola Ducharme is a Naturopathic Doctor who trained as a naturopath in her home country of Australia. She then achieved her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the prestigious Bastyr University in Seattle, moving to San Diego in 2003 to start her private practice.

As founder and Medical Director of RestorMedicine, she specialises in working with individuals with chronic Lyme disease.

Dr Nicola has written four books on the subject of Lyme disease – The Lyme Diet, The Beginners Guide to Lyme Disease, Lyme Disease in Australia and Lyme Brain, and has been featured as a Lyme expert in Connie Strasheim’s books on Lyme disease.

Course content and structure

World’s best practice Lyme treatment recognises that an integrative approach is required.  With over 20 hours of valuable content, practitioners and patients alike can learn about how and why to adopt an integrative approach to Lyme – including what adopting an integrative approach actually means.

The training covers 10 modules plus access to supporting files and resources. Learn at your own pace, in your time.

I just wish I had access to this kind of information when I first got sick, it would have made the world of difference(Sharon Whiteman)

Lyme-Ed addresses the nuances that patient and practitioners often face:

  • What to do if antibiotics stop working
  • How to use a herbal co-infection provocation to assess which co-infections are dominant
  • Strategies for emotional healing and ways to break through detrimental neural pathways, and
  • 10 key factors that can hinder recovery.

It includes modules on why detoxification is so crucial and how to best support it; how to adjust nutrition to reduce inflammation; and how to manage the symptoms that are so common in Lyme including pain, mood imbalances, cognitive deficits and fatigue.


The course offers lifetime access to the content, 26 files and resources and a full and comprehensive curriculum. Plus two bonus lectures.

The total cost is US$497. (You can opt for a payment plan of 3 x $167 monthly payments when you enrol).


Q: Do I have to pay in US dollars?

A: Yes, the course is priced in US dollars.

Q: What are my options if I’m not happy with the training?

A: Lyme-Ed has a 30 day refund policy.

Q: Is the training suitable for Australian practitioners?

A: Yes the training will help practitioners treat patients who acquired Lyme overseas and also patients with locally acquired Lyme-like illness.