Meet Kara Perrin, Lyme superhero

This is Kara Perrin.

If her face looks kind-of familiar, it’s because she’s kind-of famous! Actor, model, dancer, journalist and media presenter, Kara has been featured on film, radio, television, and in ads and music videos across the country. Recently she landed the lead role in the award-winning Australian short film The Memory.

The Memory is a gripping psycho-thriller that has featured or been a finalist, in no less than ten international film festivals. So far.

But here’s the kicker – Kara also has Lyme disease. And like her globally successful film, it’s a horror show.

“Four years ago I travelled to Exmouth (from Perth) and was bitten by an insect that left me with debilitating symptoms. I lost over 10 kilograms, suffered from extreme muscle and nerve pain, fatigue, hair loss, seizures, brain inflammation, insomnia, and sensitivity to light and sound. I can no longer work, drive, get groceries, clean my house, garden and I barely leave the house”.

We already know Kara is a warrior; just like many of you, she is experiencing life with the plot twist of Lyme.

But Kara is not just a fighter; she is also a real-life, undies-on-the-outside kind-of hero. Because despite her ongoing symptoms, she is about to embark on the exciting journey of a 2021 Ms Charity Pageant finalist.

Pageant, you say? Uh-huh. But think charity campaigns, not bikini parades. Our courageous Kara will be fundraising and advocating for us, the LDAA! Which really means fundraising and advocating for YOU – our brave and big-hearted Lyme community.

I went from being a happy, healthy 33-year-old to some days barely able to move. It’s agony and what saddens me is there are so many of us suffering in silence. We all go through challenges in life that shape us. I want to help others like me who are doing it alone. I’m asking for your help; something I rarely do”.

Lyme LDAA Kara Perrin

Kara’s key campaign will be a national, online, super duper raffle extravaganza. With ticket proceeds going directly to the LDAA, we can keep fighting for recognition for Lyme and associated disease sufferers in Australia!

But Kara can’t do it alone.

Can you help out by donating a prize?

Cash would definitely be appreciated. Or how about vouchers and gift cards? Event or movie tickets? Art? Music? Services?

Perhaps your sister is married to a Bulldog, Magpie or Bronco, and could organise a signed-by-the-team jersey? Or you have a philanthropic uncle who owns a national chain of electronics stores and loves to giveaway gadgets? The limit is your own imagination!

The only condition is that prizes must be able to be used or enjoyed no matter where one is located in Australia.

For more information, to donate raffle cash or prizes, or simply share your wonderful ideas, please contact [email protected]

On behalf of Kara and all of us at the LDAA, THANK YOU.

* The Memory will be released online later this year.