In November 2017, the LDAA formed a board to further enhance our position as the peak body in Australia.

Our current Board Members:

Sharon Whiteman, President & CEO

Lyme LDAA - CEO Sharon Whiteman

Sharon has worked in the field of health and wellness for almost 40 years. She was a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Critical Care for almost 20 years and previously ran a nutrition and wellness business for over 20 years.

Sharon has been involved with the LDAA since its inception in 2009 and while officially fulfilling the roles of president and CEO, she applies herself to ‘whatever is needed’ to the best of her ability.

She has almost 30 years’ experience leading teams of volunteers from all walks of life, who have appreciated her ethics, calm manner, commitment to staff development and engaging style. Despite being a recovering patient herself, Sharon has been a tireless campaigner of justice for patients with Lyme disease. Sharon is a beacon of hope and inspiration for the LDAA team. 

Maree Kratzer, Vice President

Lyme LDAA - Vice President Maree Kratzer

Maree is a recovering Lyme patient. She has a BA English major, was recognised on the Dean’s Honour List multiple times and is a qualified naturopath with a passion for science.

During the 20 years Maree worked in health and wellness, she trained naturopathic students in the Student Clinic at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, ran her private practice and worked in Allied Health at St Vincent’s and Epworth Freemasons hospitals.

Voluntary community work has always been a part of Maree’s life, supporting her children’s schools and church community while her children were young. Becoming part of the community of Lyme and mould affected patients 7 years ago, Maree was inspired by the LDAA’s advocacy work. Her massive contribution to the LDAA since 2017 is deeply appreciated.

Ann-Maree van Dalen, Secretary

Lyme LDAA - Secretary Ann-Maree van Dalen

Ann-Maree has worked in education for 29 years, primarily in her favoured area of special education. She has worked internationally as a teacher, teacher-in-charge of a Special Education Developmental Unit and an Assistant Director of an ABC Learning Centre.

A dedicated and active member of the community, Ann-Maree is also a kinship carer as part of Foster Care Queensland and has been a secretary and member of her children’s kindergarten committees.

Ann-Maree attributes the diagnosis and successful treatment of her daughter’s Lyme disease to the LDAA’s guidance. As a result, wanting to support the same for others, she has volunteered with us since 2014.

Her consistent dedication and keen discernment have been key to the solid foundation of the LDAA board. As a mother and special education teacher, Ann-Maree is committed to communication, organisation and teamwork; exactly what we need in a secretary.  

Lauren Wildash, Treasurer

Lauren is a member in practice of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, and holds a Diploma of Accounting as well as a qualification in Human Resources. Lauren is a Lyme patient herself and sees her role within the LDAA as an opportunity to help those in the community who might otherwise have nowhere to turn.

Lauren is a Registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board and has over 20 years experience working in accounting, HR and management roles. She has worked with clients across a broad range of industries, each with their own unique set of requirements.

Lauren is a business owner and her professional skills include bookkeeping, payroll and BAS, as well as financial reporting, process improvement, software implementation and helping clients get the best out of their existing software.

Mark Treviranus, Board Member

Mark is an experienced business professional with over 15 years in Marketing and business management positions. He holds a Bachelor of Business Studies (Marketing)/Bachelor of Arts (Statistics) and has held a number of executive leadership roles in Australia and New Zealand. 

Mark has a flair for all things brand and marketing. His demonstrated ability and proven success in this space, coupled with his personal experience of Lyme, makes him the perfect complement to the LDAA board and its mission.

Jane Lockton, Board Member

Lyme LDAA - Board Member Jane Lockton

Jane is a Registered Nurse and has worked in health for over 35 years. She has worked in a range of roles and environments, mainly focussed around child and family health. She is now also a Provisional Psychologist, and is currently completing a combined Masters/PhD in psychology. The focus of her PhD is grief and loss.Jane has been involved in voluntary community work for many years, including refugee support, new parent support and disability carer support.

She has previous board and executive committee roles. She is also a founding director of the Wellbeing Village Collective Project, a not for profit organisation supporting teens experiencing mental distress. As a long term but only recently diagnosed Lyme patient, she is keen to use her experiences and skills to support and advocate for the Lyme community.

Brit Ballard, Board Member

Brit joined the LDAA in April 2021 but has been a Lyme survivor and warrior since 2007. She trained and worked in the health and wellness industry early in her working life, however her primary career, her degree and most other tertiary qualifications are in the area of environment and sustainability. Having worked in this sector of local government for over a decade, she has seen first-hand how politics affect policy development, as well as the challenges of incorporating new science and ethics into a deeply ingrained modus operandi.

Brit has also trained in community-based social marketing, social media and web design and has built a solid knowledge, experience and skill base in this area. She has natural and certified skills in project management and has led multidisciplinary committees and managed events. Brit is a strategic thinker, is motivated to work toward positive change in the world (and herself) and against injustice. In particular, she would like to contribute meaningfully to the alleviation of suffering of the planet and its biodiversity, including humans!

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