Random Acts of Lymeness

Random Acts of Lymeness

Random Acts of Lyme is an initiative that is run by the people for the people.  Many of our supporters are out doing things in the public to help raise awareness for those that cannot.

How can you help?

Below is a selection of events that you may like to plan. The list is not exhaustive and remember it doesn’t matter how big or small the event is, all assistance is appreciated.

  • Host a Lyme (lime green) themed – Morning tea, barbecue, dinner, or breakfast at your workplace, school, home, or local park. You can contact us for more information on hand-outs and awareness raising of Lyme disease on the day.
  • Light up your life – Shine your Lymelight and paint your street lime green (with lighting). Green bulbs are available for purchase at local hardware stores, why not get your whole street behind this and make signs as well. You may also like to change the avatar on Facebook (your profile picture).
  • Organise a Lymie get-together – So you’ve recently been diagnosed? Why not organise a get-together with fellow Lyme disease sufferers (affectionately known as Lymies) in your area.  Giving one another support is not only a fantastic way to gather strength but it is also an important part of the healing journey to be able to share experiences and the like. Remember safety first – the LDAA does not advocate meeting up with strangers, simply ensure you know your fellow Lymie first.
  • Walk for Lyme –  Do you like long walks or short walks or swimming or dancing? Over the years many walk-a-thons/swim-a-thon/dance-a-thon type events have been held to raise money for various causes with excellent results.  One adventurous supporter even walked the Kokoda trail for her Lymie friend.  Why not get a group together or go solo and ask people to sponsor you per km walked, the more you walk, the more you raise!
  • Under Our Skin – An award winning documentary on Lyme Disease.  Not only is Under Our Skin a great watch but its educational value to the community is limitless.  Why not organise a screening at your local cinema, school, workplace or home?
  • Be a billboard –  The LDAA has t-shirts and merchandise available for purchase that you can purchase (all profits are returned to the LDAA) and wear while out and about or at an event you are hosting?
  • Flash for Lyme – Heard of Flash mobs? They are a great way to generate interest and excitement.  Once you have your Lyme branded gear why not flash it about, along with some friends and choreographed dance moves.  Refer people to our website to learn more about Lyme and you are done. Its great awareness and great fun!  We’ll even host a video here if you get someone to film it!
  • Order up – The LDAA is happy to provide brochure and brochure holders for businesses to display at no cost.  Simply contact us to request our flyers.
  • Put the fun in fundraising –  The LDAA has fundraising kits for those of you looking to help.  We can provide detailed information on how to, the whys are wherefores by simply contacting us. Our kits include receipts and donation boxes and we have even have banners now and A3 table top signs. Help us to help you, the LDAA runs on donations and is staffed by volunteers every dollar counts.

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Member examples

Here are some examples of what some of our talented members and volunteers have organised.

Do you have any ideas?

We are always on the lookout for new innovative and creative ways that can help the community. Contact us and maybe we can feature it here and we can help you pay-it-forward!


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2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Lymeness

  1. Lindy Williams

    Hi Ku-ring-gai Council is hosting an evening with Lynn Rees and Mualla McManus called Protecting yourself from Ticks and Tick borne diseases. The focus will be on raising awareness of Lyme Disease.
    The event is being held on Tuesday 18 February 2014 6.30pm – 9.00pm at the Council Depot, 5 Suakin Street, Pymble. I would appreciate any assistance in promoting the event so we can be assured of a good turn out. There will be a raffle held for the Karl McManus foundation, we hope to raise a reasonable amount. My phone no. is 9424 0179 should you have any queries. Thank you, regards Lindy Williams

    1. Sharon Whiteman Post author

      We’d be very happy to Lindy – do you have a flyer you can provide us? Or would you prefer we just post the details?

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