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Patient Resources

The following is a list of patient resources you may find useful.

Ask the Doctor SeriesDealing with a HerxPhysician InterviewsConference Notes
Support Groups

There are a variety of support groups available for both Lyme patients and their carers. A mixture of offline and online support is available.

Facebook GroupsFace-to-Face GroupsRelated Groups

Other Support Groups



  • Mid North Coast Lyme Awareness and Support Group – Contact the group organizer.

  • Fraser Coast CFS/FM/ME/Lyme Support Group – First Monday of each month, from 9.30 to 11.30 am, Maryborough Community Health Centre, 167 Neptune Street, Maryborough (Conference room – inside front door and turn left, no perfume or anything with odours) – Contact the group organiser.
  • Brisbane Lyme Group – have a regular meetup, contact
  • Noosa Group – Members of this group meet up the last Friday of every month at 35 Mary Street, Noosaville 4566, phone or connect via Facebook to confirm first 07 5449 7088.


  • NT Lyme & CFS Support – meet every first Saturday of the month at 11 am at Cafe Karma, Parap. Contact us/confirm meetings 0459 039 121.



  • Perth (Shenton Park) – Chrysalis – Offers a young persons (10-30 years of age) and adult groups. Both groups meet every 3rd Saturday of the month at Grace Vaughan House 227 Stubbs Terrace, Shenton Park. Contact Ailsa via Facebook.

Websites, Books, Documentaries, Blogs and Reports

The following list is a small selection of useful websites, books, documentaries, blogs and reports that provide an overview of Lyme disease, research activities and general management of the disease.


The following list is a small selection of useful books on Lyme disease including complementary therapies:

The following is a list is a small selection of documentaries on Lyme disease:

  • Under Our Skin explores the lives of several Lyme disease patients, as well as looking at the controversy surrounding Lyme disease in the USA (which has a direct impact on how Lyme disease is treated in Australia). It is a beautiful piece of cinematography which made the intermediate short list of documentaries chosen to be honoured by the Oscars (as well as winning many other awards).  You can view trailers of the movie on their website, and also order a copy of the DVD.  It is also now available to view by download through iTunes.
  • Under Our Skin 2: Emergence – This is the sequel to the hugely successful Under Our Skin documentary.
  • Invisibly Ill: A Stealth Reality DVD Documentary – An Australian produced documentary on stealth infections including Lyme disease.

We understand that purchasing documentaries may be financially impossible for some Lyme disease patients, so if you are happy to wait, we do offer a small number of copies that can be rented free of charge. There is often a long wait list and we do ask that renters watch and return the documentaries as soon as possible. Copies can be rented by contact us and selecting “I’d like to borrow a DVD for personal use.” Please remember that this service is for Australian residents only.

June 4th, 2016 – Neeva Stephen – To Tell or Not To Tell, That is the Problem

September 14th, 2016 – Karla Williams – When Pain Turns to Fury

The Australian Association of Bush Regenerators recently released a guide to Ticks and Tick-Borne diseases in Australia.

Please note that as indicated in this report, there is currently scientific debate on best practise tick removal.  At this time the LDAA does not advocate attempting to kill the tick in any fashion prior to removing (with the exception of mass nymph attachments).

Flyers, Posters, Presentations and Merchandise

The following flyers, posters, presentation and merchandise are are available for download, printing and purchase for your information or to utilise at your next awareness event:


If you require a large amount of flyers for an awareness event please contact us.

  • General Australian Lyme powerpoint – (March 2018 being updated)
  • Purchase a selection of t-shirts and other items from the LDAA’s store where a percentage of profit from goods are donated to the LDAA;

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