ART and The Lyme Pandemic

By Ariane Heller

I am a German Medical Doctor, a German Naturopath, and a German-Russian trained Spiritual Healer with 20 years of experience in treating Lyme patients. My first experiences with Lyme reach back to the times when I met Dr Klinghardt, underwent my training in his ART (Autonomic Response Testing).

I immediately applied my new insights to my patients in my ‘Alternative’ doctor practice near Berlin. Over the years, I have added many insights and skills. Therefore, I keep drawing Lyme patients into my life! Let me start with the recent patient, on behalf of whom I contacted LDAA: Janice’s 6 year old daughter had a fresh tick bite and an infected lymph node, and I clearly ART-tested a fresh Lyme infection.

Now, a fresh Lyme infection can be treated successfully with antibiotics early on. Given the potential ordeal of lifelong suffering from Chronic Lyme, a quick course of antibiotics is more than justified in such a situation. So, I sent her to her local GP, and the nightmare unfolded. Without going into the details, she had to consult 5 different doctors, ED included, to eventually get a script for the second best antibiotic. But she achieved this only due to her fierce persistence.

ART = Autonomic Response Testing
ART is a very sophisticated form of ‘kinesiology’, developed by the German orthopaedic surgeon and integrative healer Dr Dietrich Klinghardt. ART is most likely the best diagnostic tool to date.
Autonomic Response Testing gives us access to our subconscious, in other words: to our Autonomic Nervous System, ANS. Our ANS is the master ruler of this hugely intelligent system of body, mind and soul, which we call a human being.

An average person has estimated 100 trillion cells. If we ‘only’ had to take 1000 decisions per cell/second, that would be 100 000 000 000 000 000 decisions per second. Should we not be glad that only a tiny fraction of all this inner decision making comes to our conscious minds?

I mean…how??? How is it even possible that a tick bite (plus an infected lymph node) in the region does not automatically trigger a Lyme diagnostic and treatment without any delay? I am speaking “Western Medicine” lingo here! Nothing ‘alternative’ yet! How is this even possible in the 21st century? We all know that Western Medicine keeps failing in chronic disease. Okay. But acute disease is their domain. If they cannot even do ACUTE cases properly anymore…

Having spent my first 50 years in Germany, let me tell you: German Medical Doctors are very alert towards acute Lyme and they do treat it! Almost needless to say that the general approach to chronic disease, also to chronic Lyme, is generally quite poor in Germany as well, as it is worldwide. But, at least, Germans reduce the numbers by combing out many acute cases.

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Estimated figures of Lyme cases in the overall population: Germany – 1/10, United States – 5/10, Australia – 3/10! The numbers in the US are due to the fact that Lyme originated in Lyme, Connecticut, and also due to many people not having access to Medicare.

How has Australia managed to surpass these already super high US figures? Well, denial has never cured any disease, has it? Usually, denial makes diseases worse, any disease. Most of the visitors of this page will be aware of the huge Lyme denial in Oz.

When I first came across this bizarre Lyme denial, I could hardly believe it. In 2011, my first year in Down Under, I ‘accidentally’ read a newspaper article about a girl from NSW, who had been so seriously and ‘mysteriously’ ill for 2 years that she was bedbound, could not attend school, could not playing, and she had no diagnosis and no treatment. In their despair, the family went to the US. They came back with a clear diagnosis and fairly ok treatments for Lyme. When this family contacted the Australian medical authorities, with the lab results, in black and white, the ‘authorities’ declared: “This is not possible, because we don’t have Lyme in Australia!”
It is hard to make a Berliner (me) speechless…but I am still gasping for words!

Meanwhile, during my 13 years in Australia, I have seen so many patients with Lyme that the statement above would be simply laughable…if it was not so serious. Even though I am aware that I am drawing over proportionally many Lyme patients, Even though not every Lyme patient is bedridden or in a wheelchair,
I personally find that ‘only’ those relatively few people, whom I have met, are enough for me to wholeheartedly claim: Lyme is everywhere in Australia!

When I first met Sharon from LDAA in 2016, she was preparing for a Senate Inquiry. I wrote a submission for it, and many others did as well – hoping to facilitate change. Somehow, Sharon and I lost sight of each other until recently. So, I was eager to hear about the changes…after the inquiry. Disappointingly, Sharon’s impression is that things have gotten worse ever since.

Before the inquiry, it was very clear that those few Australian doctors, who dared to only try to help Lyme patients, were badly bullied and harassed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). My imagination could not possibly think of how this could even get worse. After my recent experience with Janice and my renewed contact to LDAA, I am, once again, left speechless!

Okay. If this is all so bad…and beyond belief, we will probably not expect any official change of mind in the nearer future, right? So, what can we do? From my perspective WE CAN DO A LOT! Please do not expect any cure-it-all recipes from me here! If you want yet another of those, ask Dr Google.

My take on LYME:
Chronic Lyme is complex, like any other chronic disease. Even though there are certain patterns, which are quite common in Lyme, it is important to assess the individual situation properly. My way to do just that:
Ask ART! Autonomic Nervous Response Testing gives us access to the patient’s ANS. The inner knowledge of the patient leads us through the process.

My experience with chronic Lyme, and other Chronic Disease, is that: Merely physical treatments, be it “Western” or “Alternative” might bring some reprieve at times, but this usually doesn’t last. What is needed in order to facilitate lasting healing: Both the patient and more importantly the therapist need to be willing and able to successfully address the underlying problems, which we always find in cases of chronic Lyme as much as in all cases of chronic disease. These ‘underlying issues’ happen on the levels of the mind, soul and, most importantly on ‘spiritual’ levels. If these higher levels are not addressed and healed properly, we are in for a relapse, even if some merely physical measures might help at first!

Specifically for Lyme
As we all know, Lyme Borrelia are parasites. Every Disease, without exception, is a metaphor for what is going wrong in our lives. Consequently: I am yet to meet the first Lyme patient, who does not have a human parasite! Consequently, this human parasite needs to be ‘spiritually deactivated’ ASAP. This might sound a bit wild to some of you, sure. But it works.

This is not saying that we should disregard the physical causes of Lyme! Just the opposite! Of course, we need to reduce the Borrelia as much as we can. Most of you will have experienced that antibiotics are useless in chronic Lyme! Therefore, we need to use other anti-infectious remedies. But, we also have to be aware that Borrelia are masters in adapting. So, we need to change our weapons once in a while.

Additionally: Lyme usually goes hand in hand with other common causes of modern ‘mystery’ diseases, for example:
– Environmental toxins, specifically metals (Mercury and Aluminium)
– Glyphosate, a toxin as well, but with direct impact on the immune system
– Electromagnetic Frequencies, the interaction of EMF and Lyme is interesting in itself.

Anyway, these more physical causes and co-factors of Lyme need to be addressed!

“Western Medicine” fails to heal chronic disease, because they remain stuck in the mere physical only.
“Alternative” approaches tend to disregard the physical causes of disease. The way out: A holistic combination of the two!

If you are interested in my approach, you can contact me via my website:
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