Tick Removal Tools

Tick removal tools are pronged devices that fit under the head of the tick, close to the skin, and can remove a tick with a ‘twisting’ motion. The LDAA has two recommendations for these tools:

Tick Twister Pro is a safe and easy way to remove the whole tick without any squeezing or chemicals.  Simply select the appropriate size tool in relation to the size of the tick.  Slide the tool either side of the tick and slowly twist the tool. This product comes as a set of two.  The tool is sold by South Coast First Aid Training



O’TOM Tick Twister is a similarly useful tool and also contains two different sizes and can be purchased from OZ Grooming World.





And finally, TickEase Australia provide tick removal tweezers which are designed specifically to remove ticks. 

The thin tip end is perfect for removing even the smallest ticks, and the slotted scoop is ideal for removing larger ticks; both are great for use on pets and people.  The tool safely removes ticks of all sizes, types, and levels of engorgement and complies with Australian Department of Health guidelines for tick removal.  You can find a demonstration of safe tick removal here.  

So, depending on your method of removal, you should find what you are looking for with these suppliers.