Dr Richard Horowitz, world expert on Lyme disease, talks about COVID-19

LDAA Patron and one of the world’s experts on Lyme disease, Dr Richard Horowitz, talks here on The Lillian McDermott Radio Show, about COVID-19 and how this “deadly pathogen” has some similarities with Lyme disease. He says you can strengthen your immune system so you’re less likely to get COVID-19 and “every person living on the planet” will need to do this.

Dr Horowitz lives in New York which has been hit hard by COVID-19 but he’s always been an important figure within the Lyme disease community, working tirelessly to help a large number of patients recover over many years.

He’s the author of two well-known books, Why Can’t I Get Better? and How Can I Get Better? In this video, he talks with Lillian McDermott and explains how he started researching COVID-19 because he wanted to know how he could treat his patients if they caught the virus.

COVID-19 creates cytokine storms which have some similarities to the inflammation caused by Lyme

“When I read about the cytokine storms that people experience with COVID-19 – in their heart or the lungs – I realised, these inflammatory molecules coming out from COVID were exactly the same inflammatory molecules we’ve seen with Lyme,” he says.

Dr Horowitz kept researching COVID-19 and he’s recently published a study in the Journal of Respiratory Medicine Case Reports where he examines the efficacy of using glutathione for treating the shortness of breath which occurs with COVID-19.

“The Case Reports are on two of my patients – one still had active Lyme and the other had been treated successfully,” he says. The two patients developed the classical symptoms of COVID – they  lost their sense of smell and or taste which is a very early sign and they also had a cough and fevers.

Glutathione relieved some of the symptoms caused by COVID-19

For these two patients, Dr Horowitz decided to try glutathione – the major antioxidant in the body. He gave them 2000 mg orally and within one hour, their symptoms were relieved. He also gave them NAC and Alpha Lipoic Acid. If you watch the video, Dr Horowitz gives you the exact treatment he gave these patients. Or you can look it up under Dr Horowitz Journal of Respiratory Medicine Case Reports.

At the end of the video, Dr Horowitz describes COVID-19: “It’s a highly infective and very powerful virus. It is really a deadly pathogen.” He adds: “Every person living on the planet is going to have to build a strong immune system to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

He says it will be a while before we can get a vaccine because it has to be “safe” so in the meantime, he advises everyone to build up their immune system by “Lowering your inflammation and boosting the glutathione pathways in the body.”

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